Anton Ingebrigt Larson
June 22, 1865 to February 20, 1936

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“The Family Record shows a boy child, Anton IngeBright Larsen, born 22 June 1865 in Nicollet County, Town of Lake Prairie to Erik Joseph Larsen and wife Ingeborg Mara Larsen and baptized the 11 February 1877 by Rev. E. Enderson, Pastor to the Methodist Church in the Town of Gennessee, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota.  Lake Charlott   11th February, 1877 Erick J. Larsen  The baby’s father.

Above is a translation from a hand written Norwegian account of Anton’s birth and baptism written by Erik Larson.  Anton moved to Lake Elizabeth Township in Kandiyohi County with his parents in 1866.  Anton was listed his parents in the 1870 Kandiyohi Co. census.  Anton was listed as a boarder and “Works on Farm” for Hans (Hanson) Sands in Lake Elizabeth Twp. 1880 and in the 1885 census he was in Fahlun Twp. with his father and step mother, their children, and his brother, Ole.  Anton was confirmed in the first class at Tromso Lutheran Church 1888.  He lived in the Lake Lillian community the rest of his life except for the two years he worked in Minneapolis as a farm hand.  His middle name was later spelled Engebrigt.

update of 30 March 2017:

Erik Larson family update: It has been believed that Erik Larson first settled in Lake Prairie Township in Nicollet County, Minnesota because the family records indicated that his son, Anton Engebrigt, was born there in 1865. A lady that had been researching her family found Erik Larson, his wife Ingeborg and son, John Erikson, (son of Erik) living with her ancestor, Andrew Jacobson, in the 1865 census in Sibley County, Sibley Township.

She located my history and email in the Oladalen website by Aud Haugli and her husband, John Brewer

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Sibley Township borders Lake Prairie Township in Nicollet County, so it is possible that Anton was born in the home of a neighbor or midwife across the township line from Sibley Township. Erik Larson was in Kandiyohi County by July, 1866 when he applied for a homestead.

Anton as a young man 

Anton and Hansina’s marriage Oct. 20, 1888


Anton married Hansina (Sina) Solomonson on Oct. 20, 1888 in Lake Lillian. They were married by Rev. A. N. Kleven and their witnesses were John W. Wick and C. Rangland. Sina was born Dec. 2, 1865 in Karlsøy Parish, Troms, Norway, the daughter of Salomon Salomonaen (sr.) and Elen Maria Hansdatter. (The Karlsøy Parish later became part of the Sørfjorden Lyngen Parish) She was not baptized as a baby because her parents were Lammerian dissenters from the State Church of Norway but her father had her baptized later on July 16, 1871 with her 2 sisters and she was confirmed in 1882. She came to Minnesota in 1886 with her two sisters and a niece. The members of the Solomonson family (original spelling, “Salomonsen”, and later spelled “Solmonson”) that came to the Lake Lillian community beginning with Ole and his wife, Elen Marie Mathiasdatter and Ole’s brother, Johan, in 1881, Solomon (jr.) in 1882, their mother, Elen Marie (Hansdatter) Solomonson in 1883 and the three sisters, Elen Petrica, Hansina and Anne Cecilie in 1886. The Solomonson family and Erik Larson came from the same area in north Norway near the farm group, Bredvik, in the Karlsøy parish, east of the city of Tromsø on Ullsfjorden. When Ole Solomonson was baptized in 1853, Erik Larson was a godparent and also when Salomon Salomonsen (jr.), his future son-in-law, was baptized in 1856.

In the 1895 and 1900 census Anton Larson was listed in Lake Lillian Twp. with his wife, Hansine, and their children. Also living with them in 1900 are Hansina’s mother, Ellen Marie Solomonson (Hansdatter), and Hansina’s sister, Anna Stafford (Solomonson) and Anna’s children, Ella and Freeman Stafford.

The following account was written by Anton’s son, John Larson. “Hansine is the one who we must follow for our story. She was a small girl now 16 years old and no more then 5 feet tall and in the Larson family there is Anton who was also 16 years old who apparently took a fancy to Hansine from the time they became acquainted when the Solomonson’s came to stay at the Larson home until they got located. As time went by Anton and Hansine were married in the fall of 1888 and hoped for a happy married life together and started their home on a piece of land in Section 35 in Lake Lillian Twsp. (N ½ of N. E. ¼). Six children were born to Anton and Hansine, two girls and four boys. It was just before and after the birth of George (April 15, 1900) that Hansine’s health began to fail seriously. George, whose health had been impaired by his mother’s illness, lived only until Sept 23 of the same year which was the first visit of the angel of death to this house. But he was soon to call again just two days later on Sept. 25 when Hansine died after being bedridden since the birth of her little son, leaving her husband and his little children, ages 10 ½ to 3 ½ years.” Hansine died Sept. 25, 1900 and she was buried on Sept. 27, 1900 in Tromso Mem. Cemetery.

The children of Anton and Hansina Larson were all born in Lake Lillian Twp.:

  1. Edward Christian was born in 1890 and was bapt in 1890 at Tromso Lutheran Church. His sponsors were Albert and Sina Olson and Ole and Ellen Maria Solomonson. He was an officer in the Young Peoples’ Society. He married Marie (Liz) Elizabeth Dosch on July 1, 1923 in Kandiyohi, Minn. They lived in Lake Elizabeth Township and later moved to the Lake Minnetonka area. He died in 1969 following a heart attack.
  2. Oscar Emmanuel was born in 1891 and was baptized in 1892 at Tromso Lutheran Church. His sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Vick, Abeline Hanson and John O. Larson. He married Anne Hanson on December 18, 1912 in Willmar, Minn. They lived most of the time in Delano, Minn. where Oscar worked for the railroad. He died in 1964 of cancer.
  3. Esther Elizabeth was born in 1893 and she was confirmed in 1910 at Tromso Lutheran Church. She married Axel Bjorklund in Sept. 9, 1912 at Tromso Lutheran Church. Esther died Jan. 20, 1913, one day after a son, Carl, was born who died 9 months later. She is buried at Tromso Memorial Cemetery.
  4. Sadie Josephine was born in 1895 and she was baptized in 1895 and confirmed in 1911 at Tromso Lutheran Church. Her sponsors were her mother, Anna and John Flann and John and Johanna Vick. She moved to Washington and she married Harry Rasmussen in Portland, Oregon in 1922. They later moved to Tenn. to be with their daughter’s family where she died in 1978.
  5. Harry Anthony was born in 1897 and he was baptized in 1897 and confirmed in 1913 at Tromso Lutheran Church. His sponsors were Emil and Karen Hanson and Ellen Johnson. In the 1930 Washington State census he was a building contractor while living with his uncle, John O. Larson. He married Lilian Breeton Hensley in Minneapolis in 1944 where they lived until he died after a heart attack in 1953.
  6. Geoge Essie was born April 15, 1900 and was baptized in 1990 at Tromso Lutheran Church. His sponsors were the congregation. George died Sept. 23, 1900 and is buried in Tromso Memorial Cemetery.

Anton and “Sina” Larson were baptism sponsors for 5 of their nephews and nieces.

Anton Larson’s first family in the Tromsø Lutheran Church records

Anton Larson and his first family about 1902;
>Back; Esther, Oscar, and Edward
>Front; Sadie, Anton holding Harry

Anton and Christena Larson
Married June 18, 1903

Anton married Christena Anderson on June 18, 1903 in her parent's home in St. Johns Twsp., Kandiyohi Co., by Tromso Lutheran, Pastor Mohn. She had been Anton’s housekeeper. Christena was born April 7, 1882 in Nusnäs, Dalarna, Sweden, the daughter of Sticko Erik Andersson, born 1853, and his wife Christena Andersdotter, born 1857. On March 26, 1889 they left Nusnäs for America with their other children, Anna and Anders (Andrew). They arrived in New York on April 7, 1889 which was Easter Sunday and Christena’s seventh birthday. They went directly to Atwater, Minn. where Erik Anderson’s sister lived in Gennessee Twsp. Sticko Erik Anderson later bought a farm in sec. 29 of St. Johns Twsp. where two sons, Edwin and Martin, were born. “Sticko” was the farm name in Nusnäs and Erik continued to use it as part of his name the rest of his life. In about 1919 they move to a farm in Farm Island Twsp. in Aitkin Co. and lived there the rest of their lives.

In the 1905 census Anton Larson was listed in Lake Elizabeth Twsp. in Sec. 19 with his wife, Christena, and seven children. They were neighbors of Anton’s brother, Ole, and his family.

The children born in Lake Elizabeth Twsp.:

The Anton Larson family moved from Lake Elizabeth Twsp. to Fahlun Twsp. on April 7, 1910 to sec. 26 where Anton and Christena lived the rest of their lives. In the 1910 census the family included eight children.

Oscar was a hired man for Adolf Vick in Lake Lillian Twsp.

The following children were born in Fahlun Twsp.:

Anton served as treasurer of Tromso Lutheran Church for 27 years and was also an officer in The Young Peoples’ Society. A stroke in 1923 prevented Anton from working and his wife, sons and daughters continued to work the farm. Anton died Feb. 20, 1936 at his home in Fahlun Twsp. after several years of declining health. From his obituary: “During his last years he confided much in the scriptures and spent a great deal of his time in association with his fellowmen, whom he held in high regard.” One of his daughters recalls that there was a real snowstorm on the day of his funeral and the service was shortened so people could leave. He was survived by his wife, Christena and fourteen children. His funeral was on February 26 with services held first in his home and later at the church. He was buried in the church cemetery with first wife and infant son.

Christena (Anderson) Larson died April 29, 1940 at her home in Fahlun Twsp. on the east side of Big Kandiyohi Lake. In the fall of 1939 her health began to fail and it was learned that cancer was the cause. She was survived by her mother, Christena Anderson of Aitkin. Minn., brothers, Martin and Edwin, four step children and her 10 children. She was buried on May 2 next to her husband in the church cemetery.

Anton family records from Tromsø Lutheran Church. John, Judy and Eris were born later

Standing, left to right; Irving, John, Sally, Marie, Effie, Andrew, Ernest.

Seated, Anton, father, Eris, Judy, Violet, and Christena, mother. About 1929

Left -right; Ed, Oscar, Sadie, Harry, Ernest, Irving, Sally, Effie, Andrew, Marie, Violet, John, Judy, Eris: 1934