Summary of the connections in the Larson, Mathiason and Solomonson families;

2009 by Arlan Johnson,

November 15 2017 posted here by Gary Gauer

(All these people were from Ullsfjord in Troms, Norway and first settled in the Lake Lillian area in Kandiyohi Co. Minn.)

Erik Josephsen, the grandfather of Erik Joseph Larson, and Mathias Josephsen, the father and grandfather of the Mathiason children, were brothers.

Mathias Josephsen’s children that came to Lake Lillian, Minnesota;

*Elen Mathiasdatter and her husband, Nils Andersen came about 1865.

*Mathis Henrik Mathiasen came with his wife, Ane Bergitte Jonsdatter, about 1877. His children that also came were Anne Malena Mathiasdatter in 1883, Nils Andreas Mathiasen in 1876, Joseph Mathias Mathiasen in 1877, Ellen Marie Mathiasdatter, married in Norway in 1876 to Ole Solomonson, came in 1881, Mathias Mathiasen in 1876, Alette Bergirtha Mathiadatter came about 1876; she married Erik Joseph Larson in 1877.

*Anne Maria Mathiasdatter and her husband Andrew Johnson came about 1865. Their son, Anton Johnson in 1888 married Elen Petrica Solomonson who came in 1886.

*Marith Mathiasdatter and her first husband, Guttorm Nilsen and their son came to Nicollet Co., Minn. about 1863. He was killed in a war in 1865 and Marith and her son came in 1866.

*Jacob Erik Mathiasen came after 1875; he married Gertrud Hauan in 1884; they later moved to Wash.

*Joseph Mathias Mathiasen came in 1878 with his wife and son; they later moved to Wash.

Those in the Salomon Salomonsen (sr.) families that came to Lake Lillian;

Salomon died in 1878 in Norway. His widow, Ellen Marie Hansdatter, came in 1883 with Anne Malene Mathiasdatter, the daughter of Mathias Henrik Mathiasen.

All of the Solomon Solomonson (sr.) adult children came to Lake Lillian;

*Ole Mikkel Solomonson and his wife, Elen Marie Mathiasdatter, and Ole’s brother, Johan came in 1881.

*Solomon Solomonson (Jr.) came in 1882; he married Mary Larson, the daughter of Erik Larson in 1885.

*Those who came in 1886 were Anna Cecilie Solomonson and her daughter, Olive Sorenson. Olive married Alfred Larson, the son of Erik Larson and Alette Mathiason.

*Elen Petrica Solomonson married Anton Johnson, the son of Anne Maria Mathiasdatter.

*Hansine Solomonson married Anton Larson in 1888, the son of Erik Larson.

The Larson and Solomonson family connections;

Erik Joseph Larson, the grandson of Erik Josephsen, and his first wife were married in Norway in 1862 and they came to Lake Lillian in 1866. Their son, Anton Larson married Hansine Solomonson in 1888 and their daughter Mary Larson married Solomon Solomonson in 1885. Ane Olsdatter, in her marriage to Hans Larsen, was the maternal grandmother of Hansine and Solomon Solomonson and in her marriage to Ole Lars Eriksen was the paternal grandmother of Anton and Mary Larson.