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August and Frida Erickson

Lake Lillian

August Erickson and Frida Sebulonsen were married on Dec 13, 1904.

August and Halfrida in 1904

At first they lived on a farm in northern Renville County, Kingman Township,5 miles south of the Lake Lillian Lake. Their children Elvina, Elder, Vivian, Stanley, Evangeline, Irene, Dolores, Jeanette, Luverne, Eileen, and Norma were born there. Irene died in 1921 at age 5. In the early days they attended the Christina Lutheran Church in Lake Lillian Township 4 miles NW of the farm. It was torn down in 1925 and the congregation used the lumber to build the First Lutheran Church in the new town of Lake Lillian.

farm in Kingman Township

The Case Model 15 - 27 tractors were made beginning in 1919 and featured a 4 cylinder cross mounted motor running at 900 rpm. Later the same tractor was rerated to 1000 rpm and sold as the Model 18 - 32 until 1928. Case sold 27000 0f these by 1927. These photos were most likely from 1928 or earlier.

Here is a more recent photo in color of a restored Case 15-27

Following are the children of August and Frida in birth order:

My 3 Erickson uncles became farmers in Kandiyohi County and Aunts Eileen and Vange married farmers and lived south of Hector. All of my aunts and uncles married. Vivian, Stanley and Vange did not have children. I am one of 26 Erickson cousins.

#1 Elvina 1905 -1970

Elvina married Caesar Linn in 1924 at the Tripolis Church and they had 5 children. (a baby boy died in 1936)

guessing that the family photo was in 1949 at the 25th anniversary

Darlene, Glen, Joanne, Elvina Caesar, Maxine

# 2, Elder 1907 - 1984

Gertrude Gass and Elder married in 1931

Eva Jean, Elder, Gertie, Roger at time of 25th anniversary

#3 Vivian 1909 - 2000


Vivian lived in St Paul and worked at old Anchor Hospital now Regions

Vivian and John Heroff 1966 25th anniversary

#4 Stanley 1911 - 1977

Elder, Stanley, Vivian, Elvina


# 5 Evangeline "Vange" 1913 - 1977

Fredrickson farm south of Hector

# 6 Irene 1915 -1921

Appendicitis / Irene Erickson 1921

Irene Alice Erickson 5 yrs old and sister of my mother Jeanette died May 8 1921 of appendicitis after 4 days in the Willmar Hospital. Irene's marker is in the northwest corner of the Christina Cemetery and does not show her family name. Her sister Dolores Erickson Kienholz Behrendt was buried next to her in 2007.

#7 Dolores 1917 - 2007

December 23, 1936 The wedding of Dolores Lucille Erickson to Ervin Henry Kienholz

with attendants Jeanette Erickson, (17, my mother) and Marfred Kienholz

cousins January 1952

#8, Jeanette 1919 - 1982

Jeanette Erickson and Otto Gauer

married July 21 1938

#9 Luverne 1922 - 1988

#10, Eileen 1924 - 2014

note rural school district 82N in distance above Eileen was located very near the farm in Kingman Township

# 11 Norma 1928 - 1993

The familly was complete by the time of the 25th Anniversary.

from oldest to youngest

Elvina, Elder, Vivian, Stanley, Vange, Dolores, Jeanette, Luverne, Eileen, Norma

December 18 1929 Silver Wedding at Lake Lillian
The friends of Mr and Mrs August Erickson, and especially Mrs Josie Erickson, remembered that they had been married twenty five years last Friday. Such an event could not pass by unnoticed. Those who are used to take the initiative got together and planned for a celebration in honor of Mr and Mrs Erickson, and some celebration it was. The stepmother of Mr Erickson had gotten several members on the program.

The festivities were held in the First Lutheran church of which the Erickson family are members, and commenced at 8 o'clock in the evening. The church was filled with friends and relatives.

Miss Rachel Berg played the wedding march. Mr and Mrs Erickson and their 10 children cqme in procession to the front, led by the pastor. The bride carried a bouquet of carnations, a gift from the Ladies Aid.

The following program was rendered: Song, Hymnal 532; then scripture reading by the pastor; piano duet by Eleanor Strom and Alice Mae Erickson; A poem by Lars Erickson; song "Silver Threads Among the Gold" by Elaine Bergstrand; address , J E Leeberg; duet " O Happy Home," by Mr Ralph Tatting and Rev Bergstrand; remarks by pastor; and presentation of a gift from the guests consisting of a silver service set; song by the Men's Chorus.

Mr and Mrs Erickson expressed their thanks and appreciation of friendship and gifts.

The church parlors were beautifully decorated for the occasion and a delicious lunch was seved to all those present. It was a most enjoyable event for all and especially for the bridal couple and their ten children who were all present.

May their years together yet be many and blessed. The words of the 128th Psalm can indeed be applied to Mr and Mrs Erickson and family.

The August Erickson family moved to Lake Lillian Township on the north side of Section 5 before the 1937 crop year. My mother, Jeanette, attended high school in Bird Island but dropped out after her sophomore year.

August and Halfrida in 1938

1938 was the year that my parents married.

Photo below is of my mother and her siblings.

All born in America with roots in Sweden and Norway

siblings of Jeanette

The above generation of my aunts and uncles lived out their lives in Minnesota and did not have or take any opportunity to explore their roots in the old country.

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