Hemming Anderson Story 


Information 1905 Kandiyohi County History 

 Gathered by LaVonne Hookom

posted by Gary Gauer September 2 2021

Hemming Anderson was born at Tennes, Balsjford, Norway April 4, 1851. His parents were Elias and Beata Lavina Anderson.  Hemming lived about 13 years at his birthplace. He attended the common school for a short time. At a very early age he had to begin the struggle for existence, herding cattle.  In 1863 the family came to America, crossing the ocean in the Ship Sleipner (Capt. Vaage) and landing at Quebec in July 1863. They went to Nicollet County, Minnesota, where his father rented a farm.  In 1864 Elias, in company with several others, came to Kandiyohi County and selected a claim in East Lake Lillian Township.  They went about 14 miles beyond the patrol line of soldiers, who warned them it was not safe to go, and tried to get them back within the lines.  After selecting his claim, Elias Anderson went back to Nicollet County to reap the crop on the farm he had rented. After finishing his work there he moved with his family to Lake Lillian.  Here Hemming Anderson grew to manhood, sharing the toils and deprivations of frontier life. In 1872 he bought the homestead relinquishment from James Hart on SW ¼ section 18 East Lake Lillian, and commenced farming for himself. In this he has been unusually successful.

He has gradually added to his land possessions until now he owns three farms, aggregating about 900 acres of valuable land. He devotes his attention to diversified farming, making a specialty of raising blooded stock. Some years ago he bought Shorthorn cattle of the milk strain and also some registered Percheron mares. He now owns several registered horses. He usually has from 80 to 100 head of cattle and a flock of about 60 Shropshire sheep, several of them registered full bloods. The farm is connected with the Kandiyohi telephone lines. The nearest market is Bird Island but Atwater is his principal trading point. Mr. Anderson has taken an active part in local affairs, and has filled several local offices.  


In May, 1872, at Lake Lillian, Mr. Anderson was united in marriage to Miss Hanna Bergita Aspaas, daughter of Iver and Hannah Aspaas. She was born near Tromsø, Norway in December, 1853. Eight children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Anderson.  Hattie, born December 6, 1872  now Mrs. Peter Oslund of East Lake Lillian; Jessie Lillian, born June 26, 1874 now Mrs. John Weeding of Artichoke Lake, Big Stone County, Minnesota; Ida, born November 9, 1876  now Mrs. John Larson of East Lake Lillian; Horace Bernhardt born April 29, 1878 farming on one of his father’s farms in East Lake Lillian (he later married Anna Henrietta Bomsta); Rebecca, born March 26, 1888 (she later married Alfred H. Bomsta); Alfred, born July 13, 1882 living at home (he later married Alice Erickson); Bernice, born July 15, 1884 is keeping house for her brother Horace (she later married Bennie H. Bomstad); Herbert, born April 7, 1890  is living at home (he later married Ada Summerlet.) 


Notes from LaVonne Hookom and Carol Hable. 


After the death of his first wife, Hanna Bergita June 11, 1891 he married Mary Caroline Owre, daughter of Lorentz and Othelia Owre in 1892. Two more children are born.  Hazel, born July 15, 1893, married to George Erickson and Alice, born June 26, 1896, married to David Sharpe. 


Hemming donated land for the Methodist Church and cemetery.  The first school was held in his residence in the fall of 1886 and for the spring school in 1887.  The new school building was erected in the summer 1887. 


Hemming died February 8, 1911, he and his first wife, Hanna Bergita are buried in the East Lake Lillian Cemetery and his second wife, Mary, 1863 – 1931, is buried at the Lake Lillian Baptist Cemetery.