Lake Lillian history #6
This was published in the December 2012 issue of
The Lake Lillian News

Old Local News

Some of my previous articles have included items of local interest sourced from the country correspondence sections of the old Atwater Republican Press. This article includes some of the more ordinary things that can be found in the microfilm files - beyond the event items of marriages and obituaries that are used to populate a family tree and helps to fill in the dash between birth and death dates. The items shared here are from my search for Gauer Family History and are not intended to promote my family over any of the other families from our area.

Feb 3, 1911 ARP / ELL
Neighbor Gauer was on his way to the dance given at Joe McKelvey´s Saturday night but when about half ways there he was suddenly taken with cold feet and returned home, amusing his wife and children for the remainder of the evening.
Mar 4 1912 ARP/Cosmos
Matt Gauer is now of the opinion that he has purchased about enough at auction sales, in fact enough, to hold an auction sale himself in the near future.
November 6 1914 ARP / Thorpe
Matt Gauer marketed some hogs in Bird Island last Saturday.
May 21 1915 ARP / Cosmos May 10
Mrs. August Betzin has her barn about completed. - Matt and Clarence Gauer made a business trip to Cosmos last Thursday. They were to buy the old churn, but came an hour too late, as it already had been sold.
December 3 1915 ARP / Cosmos Nov 22
Matt Gauer has employed a ditching machine from Glencoe to do some ditching for him.
September 8 1916 ARP / East West LL
A few of the nearest neighbors helped Mrs. A H Vick celebrate her birthday last Thursday and it is needless to say that the old women enjoyed themselves immensely over their coffee and lefse.
Feb 23 1917 ARP / Thorpe
The Ladies Aid Society of the Lake Lillian Baptist Church will give an oyster Supper at the church Feb 28th in the evening.
March 2 1917 ARP / Thorpe
There will be a basket social in District 40, Fri evening Mar 2. Girls bring your baskets and you boys bring both your pocket books and your bank books
Mar 29 1918 ARP / Cosmos
A number of neighbors were entertained at Mrs. Betzin's last Thursday. We are informed that they had a tug of war. Twenty ladies pulled rope against Mr. Matt Gauer which was a little too much for him.
April 26 1918 AFP / Cosmos
Matt Gauers will entertain the cemetery club Thursday the 25th for the benefit of the Baptist Church. Everybody is cordially invited.

The country correspondence neighborhood local news sections were the social media of the day in rural areas and are no longer found in today's newspapers. Today's Facebook posts are used for friends but are not designed to be searched by future historians.

Little Room, Grades 1 through 4, Lake Lillian School year 1945-1946

This picture is now available to supplement my previous schools article #4 and was sent to me without names by Jeff Hopman and entitled Merry Christmas from Miss Bateman to Barbara H 1946. Several classmates from that time were contacted recently to help fill in the names. Let me know of any errors. Feedback is good.

The Little Room 1946


Teacher Ms Botnen

Back Row: 1 Janice Hanson 2 Patricia Flann 3 Roger Flann 4 Llewellyn Schafer 5 Robert French 6 Dennis Flann 7 Cyrus Flann 8 Guy Ceske (Schafer)

3rd Row: 1 Barbara Karnos 2 Joanne Flann 3 Patricia Wallenta 4 Mary Johnson 5 Donald Hawkins 6 Norman Erickson 7 Robert Lundquist 7 unknown____

2nd Row: 1 Yvonne Erickson 2 Barbara Hopman 3 Doreen Johnson 4 Deanna Johnson 5 Carol Hawkins 6 Norita Wierspecker 7 Lois Linn 8 Darrel Flann 9 Marvin French 10 Julius Schafer

1st Row: 1 Twyla Johnson 2 Janice Gabrielson 3 Jeraldine (Susie) Linn 4 Deanna Swenson 5 Nancy Flann 6 Elaine Flann 7 Glenice Nordin 8 Gary Gauer 9 Jerry Flann

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