The Solomonson Family:

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This information is from the 1801, 1865 and 1875 Norway census records, Karlsøy and Lyngen parish records, and from Tromsø Lutheran Church, Kandiyohi Co., family records and genealogists. Spellings of names and places may vary. The name was spelled “Salamonsen” in Norwegian and in the USA the name was later spelled “Solomonson” or “Solmonson”.

Michel Nielssen

Michel Nielssen was born on September 18, 1761 in Corpijerf, Alatormio, (Nadertorneå, Swedish) Finland, the son of Nils Jönsson, born about 1730, and his wife Margaretha Nilsdotter who were married about 1760 in Alatormio, Finland. Alatormio appears to be in the valley of the Torneälven (river) which is the border between Finland and Sweden. At that time and until 1809 Finland was ruled by Sweden so many of the records are in Swedish.

The Kven

The Kven were a Finnish speaking people that wandered north from the Torneälven (river) valley between Finland and Sweden at the north end of the Gulf of Bothnia which is the northern end of the Baltic Sea. Kven is a word the Norwegians (also qvæn-folk) earlier used about these people of Finnish descent. The Kven were drawn by the fishing in the north of Finland and Sweden during the 19th century. To begin with came as seasonal fisherman and later as immigrants who became fisherman and farmers and settled in Finnmark and north Troms in Norway. The term Kven was used about people of Finnish background and their descendants up to about 1900. During the “Norwegianisation” period from the 1870’s Kven was felt to be a term of negative connotation and therefore many avoided using this word.

Michel Nielssen

Michel Nielssen was in the 1801 Norway census as qvæn-folk (kven) in Lyngen, Finnmark, on Aarebugt with his wife Anne Samuelsdatter, age 30 (born about 1771). They were married January 6, 1792 in Lyngsejdet, Lyngen Parish.

In the 1801 census the family was on the farm Aarebugt which is along the fjord north of the village of Lyngseidet. The present Norwegian spelling is Årøybukt. Michel’s occupation was given as “Snedker” which is cabinet maker.

Their children in the 1801 census were Johannes Mikkelsen, age 9 (born April 1792); David Mikkelsen, age 6 (born, March 1795); Salomon Mikkelsen, age 2 (born January 1799); and Anne Maria Mikkelsdatter, age 1 (born March, 1801). The Lyngen Parish records also give the birth of 2 other children that were not with the family in the 1801 census; Gabriel, born December 1793 and Eva, born November 1794. In the 1801 Lyngen census Eva maybe a foster daughter, age 6, with the family of Henric Ericssen in Seljevig.

In the Lyngen Parish records for the baptism of each child the father’s name was given as Michel Nilsen Bramberg. In the record of his death his last name was only Bramberg. There is no knowledge of a farm of that name in Lyngen so it is possible that Bramberg was a family or farm name from Finland.

Michel died August 17, 1816 in Lyngen. Additional information could only be located for 2 of his children, Salomon Mikkelsen and Anne Maria Mikkelsdatter. They apparently moved to the Ullsfjord/Sørfjord area in the Karlsøy Parish before they were each married. That area of the Karlsøy Parish became part of the Lyngen after 1865.


The descendants of Michael Nielsen and Anne Samuelsdatter:

Salamon Mikkelsen,

Salamon Mikkelsen, born in January 1799 in the Lyngen Parish, married Sisselle Margrethe Mortensdatter, age 32, on October 20, 1826 in the Karlsøy Parish, their witnesses; Erik Josephsen, Gjøvig and John Olsen, Olderbakken.  She was born June 26, 1797 in Langesund, Karlsøy Parish and died on April 13, 1856 in Stakkenæs, Karlsøy.  They had at least 2 sons, Salamon Salamonsen and Mikkel Salamonsen.  No other children could be located.  More about Salamon and Mikkel later.  Salamon Mikkelsen later married Elen Margrethe Klemmetsdatter on October 30, 1859.  She was born May 14, 1815 in Lax Elv, Karlsøy, the daughter of Klement Pedersen and Elen Larsdatter.  Salamon and Elen had one son, Ole David Salamonsen, born April 27, 1860 in Stakkenæs, Karlsøy.  In the 1865 census they were on Stakkenæs søndre, all finner og forstaar norsk” (Sami and understand Norwegian) and 2 cows and 5 sheep.  They were on the same farm in 1875 census and here Salamon Mikkelsen and his son Ole David were listed as Kven and Norsk blend.  No other information about Ole David could be located.

Anne Maria Mikkelsdatter married the widower Thomas Alexandsen on July 31, 1835.  He was born about 1805 in on Thorsvag.  No other information about them was located.

The Children of Salamon Mikkelsen:

Salamon Salamonsen (sr.) was born in 1822 or 1824, confirmed October 1843 in the Karlsøy Parish. His birth was not located in the church records but his birth year as 1824 was recorded in his confirmation records and 1822 in the death records. He married Elen Maria Hansdatter on October 4, 1852 in the Karlsøy Parish. She was born on May 24, 1827 in Lax Elv and baptized August 8, 1827 in the Karlsøy Parish, the daughter of Hans Larsen and Ane Olsdatter. After Hans Larsen’s death in 1828 Ane Olsdatter married the widower Ole Lars Eriksen in 1833 and one of their sons was Erik Joseph Larsen.

In the Lyngen Bygdebok Salomon Mikkelsen leases Stakkenes south from R. Hagen in 1846. In 1857 the north part of Stakkenes goes to Hans Hansen and the southern part to Salomon Salomonsen. In 1866 Salomon Salomonsen’s portion goes to Thomas Nordby. Salomon Mikkelsen was still living on Stakkenes South in the 1865 and 1875 census with his wife and son.

Salamon Salamonsen and his wife were dissenters from the State Church from about 1858 until about 1871 during which time 6 of their children were not baptized. Three of their daughters were baptized on July 16, 1871 and they were each confirmed later. Salomon Salomonsen, his wife and 4 children were in the 1865 census on Næsset as a farmer/owner with 1 horse, 3 cows and 6 sheep. He was identified as a dissenter and the whole family were “finner, forstaar norsk” (Sami and understand Norwegian). In 1875 they were on Haugen with their children, each were listed as “fin” (Sami). It appears as though the Salamon Salamonsen (sr.) family lived on 5 different farms in Norway; Olderbakken, Breivikdal or Bredvik, Stokkenæs, Næsset and Haugen, all in the Karlsøy, Ullsfjorden and the Sørfjorden areas. They had a total of 9 children. 3 of their children died as infants in Norway. The other children and their mother, Elen Maria Hansdatter (Solomonson) emigrated to the Lake Lillian community in Kandiyohi Co., Minnesota. Salomon (sr.) died August 28, 1878 in Bredvik, Sørfjorden, Lyngen Parish. The date of his burial was October 13, 1878. In the 1865 census Salomon Salomonsen’s birth year was given as 1818, in 1875 as 1820 and in his death records as 1822.

Elen Maria went to America on April 1883 with Anne Malene Mathisdatter, the daughter of Mathis Henrik Mathisen and the unmarried Bergitte Nilsdatter. (see the Mathiason family). Three of Elen Maria’s sons had emigrated earlier and three daughters later in 1886. She was a charter member of Tromso Lutheran Church at Lake Lillian in 1885 as Ellen Marie Salomonson and sometimes she was in the church records as Elen Marie Hansen. In the 1885 and 1910 Kandiyohi Co. census she was living in Lake Lillian Twsp. with her son, Ole. In the 1900 census she was living with her daughter, Hansine and her husband, Anton Larson in Lake Lillian Twsp. Also living with them was Elen Marie’s daughter, Anna (Solomonson) Stafford and Anna’s children, Ella and Freeman Stafford. Ellen Marie died September 14, 1911 in Lake Lillian and is buried in Tromso Memorial Cemetery.

Mikkel Salomonsen, was born February 23, 1828 on Stokkenæs in the Karlsøy Parish. His first wife was Petikka Olsdatter, born July 31, 1829 and married on November 23, 1853 in Karlsøy Parish. They had 4 children. She was the daughter of Ole Olsen, Laxelven and Elen Pedersdatter. Petikka died December 5, 1864 in Sørfjorden, Lyngen Parish. Ole Olsen was the brother of Ane Olsdatter, the mother of Erik Joseph Larsen in her second marriage which was to Ole Lars Eriksen in 1833. Ane Olsdatter was first married to Hans Larsen in 1816. Their daughter, Elen Maria Hansdatter married Salomon Salomonsen (sr.) in 1852 (above). (The children of Salomon Salomonsen and Elen Maria Hansdatter below) Salomon died in 1878 and Elen Maria emigrated to Minnesota in 1883 where she died in 1911.

Mikkel’s second wife was Karen M. Efraimsdatter, born October 2, 1842 in Balsfjorden Parish. Her father was Efraim Henriksen. They were married October 2, 1865 in Balsfjorden.

In the 1865 census in the Karlsøy Parish, Mikkel Salomonsen, farmer, age 39, on Lakselv Ytre, “finner og forstaar norsk”, his wife, Karen M. Efraimsdatter, age 23, from the Balsfjorden parish. He had 1 horse, 7 cows and 13 sheep. Mikkel Salomonsen died February 24, 1874 in Sørfjorden, Lyngen Parish. In 1875 Karen was on Lakselvytte as a widow with her 4 children. She later married Henry Johnsen and they had 2 children. Karen died December 13, 1903 in Sørfjorden, Lyngen Parish during her second marriage. See the descendants of Mikkel Salomonsen here.

The children of Salomon Salomonsen and Elen Maria Hansdatter


Ole Mikkel Salomonsen (original spelling) was born: August 28, 1853 in Olderbakken, Karlsøy Parish. He was baptized in October 1853 at the home of Johan Fredrik Lauri Olderbak. Some of his godparents were Erik Joseph Larsen, Olderbakken and Hans Hansen, Olderbakken. In the 1865 Norway census he was on Næsset, Karlsøy, “finner, forstaar norsk”, with his parents and 3 siblings. He was confirmed in 1871. In the 1875 census he was on Haugen with his parents, 5 siblings and his wife, Elen Marie Mathisdatter. They were all listed as “fin” (Sami).

Ole married Elen Marie Mathisdatter October 17, 1875 in the Karlsøy parish, Norway. Ellen Marie was born July 16, 1856 in Bredvik, Karlsøy, the daughter of Mathis Henrik Mathisen and Ane Bergitte Jonsdatter. (See the Mathiasen family) In the 1865 census she on Bredvig with her parents; ethnicity, "fin”. Their marriage witnesses were their brothers, Salamon Salamonsen (jr.) and Morten Lars Mathisen.

Ole and Marie Elen came America in 1881 with foster son Peder Anton Kristian Jensen, born January 26, 1877 in Oldervik at Tromsøsundet and baptized on June 24, 1877, the son of Jens Nilsen and Elen Margrethe Larsdatter. Jens and Elen had other children. In 1880 Peder’s brother, Ole Ingvard, was baptized and his Godparents included Ole Salamonsen and his wife, and Salamon Salamonsen. This shows that there were connections between the families before they left for America in 1881. Why did Peder become Ole and Elen Marie’s foster son? Ole’s brother, Johan Peter Solomonson, born August 28, 1872 Sørfjorden, Lyngen Parish, also came with Ole to America in 1881.

In the 1885 Kandiyohi Co. census they were in Lake Lillian Twsp. Also living with them was Ole’s mother, Elen Marie Solomonson (Hansdatter) (see above). Johan Peter Solomonson was confirmed on February 28, 1894 at Tromso Lutheran Church and Peder Anton Jensen was confirmed in 1895. (More about Johan Solomonson later.)

When Tromso Lutheran Church was organized in 1885 Ole M. and Elen Marie Salomonsen were elected as song leaders. Mrs. Ole Solomonson also served as a Ladies’ Aid officer for several years. In the 1895 census Ole and Maria were living in East Lake Lillian Twsp. and also with them was Christian (Peter A. C.) as “Salomonson”, age 18, born in Norway and Attie (Henrietta) Salomonson, age 9, born in Minnesota She was an “adopted” daughter. Ole Solomonson was given his United States Citizenship on March 9, 1897. He was sworn by Albin Anderson and Henry Rasmusson. Also receiving citizenship was Christian Solomonson on June 26, 1899, born in 1877. He had landed in Philadelphia on July, 1881. This is probably the Christian that was with Solomonson’s in the 1895 census.

In the 1900 census living with them are Hattie (Henrietta), “adopted daughter”, born in December 17, 1885 and Gustaf Solomonson, “adopted son”, born July 1895. It is not known if these children were officially adopted but it is believed by family members that Henrrieta was adopted. Henrietta A. Wicklund was baptized at Tromso Lutheran Church in 1890 and her parents were listed as Henrik and Emma Wicklund, her birth parents. In the 1885 census living in Lake Lillian Twsp. were Henry Wicklund, age 39 and Emma, his wife age 29, both born in Norway, and sons, Henry, age 3 and Ingvard, age 1, both born in Minnesota.

On a 1905 map Ole M. Solomonson was living in Sec. 20 of E. Lake Lillian Twp. In the 1905 census, those living with Solomonson’s are Ole’s mother, Ellen H. Solomonson, age 82, Etta (Henrietta) Solomonson, age 18, Lena (Olive) Sorenson (teacher), age 20, Ellen Marie’s niece, Gustav Pederson, age 8, Freeman Stafford, age 7, and Ella Stafford, age 14. Lena was Ole’s niece and Freeman and Ella were Elen Marie’s nephew and niece. In 1900 and 1905 Henry Wicklund was living in the same place as Ole and Christine Peterson and their children. In 1905 Andrew Peterson and his wife, Nellie and their children, Andrew, Jr. age 2 and Herbert, 9 month were with his parents in E. Lake Lillian. (more later about the Peterson’s)

In the 1910 census Gustaf and Freeman were living with Ole and Ellen Marie Solomonson as adopted sons, as well as Ole’s mother, Ellen Solomonson.

Henrietta Alfie Solomonson was confirmed on October 11, 1901 at Tromso Lutheran Church and her parents as Ole and Ellen Marie Solomonson. She married Nels Martin Nelson on December 21, 1906 with the maiden name, Etta Solomonson in Willmar. The pastor was M. B. Michaelson and their witnesses were H. M. Wicklund (her brother?) and Mrs. M. B. Michaelson. Nels was born July 14, 1887 in Balsfjord, Troms, Norway. In the 1900 census he was in Fahlun Twsp. as a boarder. In the 1910 census they lived in East Lake Lillian Twsp. with two sons. Their children, Oliver, born May 7, 1907 and baptized at Tromso Lutheran Church, Norman, born March 22, 1909 and baptized at Tromso Lutheran Church, his sponsors, Ole and Ellen Marie Solomonson and John O. Larson, Eldon, born December 23, 1910 and baptized at Tromso Lutheran Church, Evelyn, born March 22, 1913 and Oral Helene, born September 14, 1915. The Minnesota Historical Society website records births and deaths and gives the child’s mother’s maiden name. With the birth records for Norman, Eldon, and Evelyn the mother’s maiden name is Wicklund, for Oral it is Solomonson. In the death records for Norman, Eldon and Oral the mother’s maiden name is Solomonson. Henrietta’s birth and baptism name was Wicklund, confirmed and married as Solomonson, in her children birth records both Wicklund and Solomonson were used as their mother’s maiden name and in the deaths recorded in Kandiyohi Co. Solomonson was given.

Nels Nelson died January 5, 1973 in a St. Louis Park, Minnesota hospital. Henrietta died September 10, 1951 in Kandiyohi Co. They are buried in Tromso Memorial Cemetery in the Ole Solomonson lot as is their son, Eldon, Sr., who died in 1973, and his wife, Juliette, who died in 1985.

Ole Solomonson died April 5, 1924 and Ellen Marie died November 13, 1933. They are both buried in Tromso Memorial Cemetery. In Ellen Marie’s obituary it is written, “She opened her heart and home to a number of children, namely Gust Peterson and Mrs. Nels (Etta) Nelson.

Eldon Nelson. Sr. married Juliette Peterson, the daughter of Andreas Johan Martin Peterson, born on Aug. 21, 1874 on Olderbakken, Lyngen, Norway and died in May 19, 1973 in Kandiyohi Co. Andrew’s wife was Mille Karella Andreasdatter, born February 27, 1881 in Balsfjord, Norway, the daughter of Andreas Hansen and Kristine Enoksdatter. Andrew’s parents were in the 1865 Norway census, Peder Olsen listed as Kven and Maria Christine Petersdatter, a blend of Norsk and Kven. Olderbakken is the same place where Erik Joseph Larson was born in 1834. His parents, Ole Lars Eriksen and Ane Olsdatter were also in the 1865 census in Olderebakken. Andrew came to Minnesota in 1901. The Nelson and Larson families were neighbors on the east side of Sørfjorden in Norway and the east side of Big Kandiyohi Lake in Kandiyohi Co., Minnesota. Andrew’s brother, Ole Johan Peterson had come in the 1880’s and lived in E. Lake Lillian Twsp. In the 1900 census Henry Wicklund was living with them. In the Kandiyohi Co. records Andreas Peterson married Milla Johannessen on Oct. 21, 1901. Her birth name was Mille Karella Andreasdatter, born February 27, 1881 at Stornæs, Balsfjord, Norway, the daughter of Andreas Hansen and Kristine Enoksdatter. Her father died in 1881 and her mother remarried to Peder Hansen in 1884 and he died in 1885. In the 1900 census Mille and her widowed mother were living in Tromsø, Norway. Mille must have left Norway in 1901. Mille was born Andreasdatter, her father’s name was Hansen, but when she married her maiden name was Johannessen. They had other children in addition to Juliette. Andrew died July 2, 1961 and Mille on Nov. 18, 1936.

Mr. and Mrs. Ole Solmonson, date not known



Solomon Solomonson (jr.)

Solomon Solomonson (jr.) was born: March 20, 1856 in Stakkenæs, Karlsøy Parish. He was baptized on June 8, 1856 at the home of Salomon Mikkeksen, Stakkenæs. One of his godparents was Erik Joseph Larsen, his future father-in-law. In 1865 Norway census he was on Næsset, finner, forstaar norsk, Dissenter”, and in 1875 on Haugen with his parents. He left Norway for America on May 17, 1882 apparently by himself.

He married Mary Elinne Larsen on October 20, 1885 in the home of her father, Erik Larson. Their witnesses were Erik Larson and Anton Larson. Their wedding was the first one recorded in the Tromso Lutheran Church records. Mary was born February 14, 1867 in Lake Elizabeth Township, Kandiyohi, Co. the daughter of Erik and Ingeborg (Johnsdatter) Larson. Ingeborg died May 3, 1876 and Erik died September 8, 1891. Salomon Salomonsen and Mary Larsen were charter member of Tromso Lutheran Church when it was organized on August 16, 1885 in the home of Erik Larson. Mary was apparently the only charter member born in Minn. Salomon Salomonsen was elected secretary. Mary served as president of the Tromso Lutheran Ladies Aid for 23 years and 5 years as Vice President. Solomon received his United States Citizenship on January 27, 1899.

He was sworn by H. E. Anderson and Isaac Nordstrom.

Two of Solomon’s grandparents were Hans Larsen and Ana Olsdatter. Hans died in 1828 and Ane married the widower, Ole Lars Eriksen in 1833, the father of Erik Larson and the grandfather of Mary Larson. Solomon and Mary were “half-first cousins”.

Solomon died tragically on January 25, 1917 and Mary was left with 5 children, ages fifteen to seven years. The following is a brief account of that day is taken from what was written by Mary and Solomon’s daughter, Alice.

Solomon and Freeman Stafford were falling trees in the wood lot. A freak accident happened when the top of a falling tree hit the crutch of another tree and bounced back and fell on Solomon. Freeman, with superhuman strength, lifted the tree from him and ran to get a team and sleigh to bring his uncle home. What agonies Solomon must have suffered during such an ordeal cannot be imagined. The full extent of his injuries could not be determined, but there were multiple fractures of ribs and shoulder, and also puncture of the lungs. This resulted in hemorrhaging which caused his death.

Dr. L. W. Anderson in Atwater was called and the office girl taking the call was Solomon’s daughter, Alice. Dr. Anderson called back to Atwater for Dr. Porter to come and to bring Simon Solomonson, a barber, with him. For 4 hours they hurried on and at 2 A. M. they arrived at the small home on the west shore of Lake Lillian. Dr. Anderson was sterilizing water in a teaspoon over a kerosene lamp to dissolve morphine for the hypo for the suffering patient.

The doctor made the 17 mile, three hour trip by horse and sleigh across fields and frozen lakes. One can only imagine the courage it took on the part of those who had to give first aid until the doctor arrived. Solomon’s wife, Mary, shut herself in the small pantry to get away from the labored breathing of her husband. The doctor gave the suffering patient morphine. A massive lung hemorrhage caused by broken ribs was setting in and was a condition that no doctor could help, and at 2:20 a.m. the end came. The neighbor Franklin E. Gunner took the doctors to his home to rest and eat before they returned to Atwater. Simon returned with them to make funeral arrangements.

The oldest son, Victor, was an agent and telegrapher in LaBolt, S. D. and it became his sad duty to receive the message of the tragedy of the death of his father. Alice remained at home to help her mother and telephone the other members of the family. She had to walk about mile to the telephone at the parsonage. Her first call was to Myrtle in Atwater. Anna was a junior in high school in Atwater and the message had to be relayed to her. Henry was 14 and was at the John Leebergs. Oscar was at Anton Larson’s running a saw-rig cutting wood for neighbors. Mary was left with four small sons at home, Jim, Ted, Harold and Curtis, all in grade school.

The children, relatives and friends attended the funeral three days later at the Free Lutheran Church and Rev. Reitan sang “Den Store Hvide Flok” (“The Great White Host”) and Solomon was buried in the church cemetery.” Solomon was survived by 13 of his 14 children.
He is buried Tromso Memorial Cemetery, Lake Lillian, Minn.

Mary died July 10, 1944 in Willmar, Minn. of heart problems. She was buried July 12, 1944 in Tromso Memorial Cemetery.

(For Solomon and Mary Solomonson’s descendants see the Erik Larson family history)

The Salamon Salomonsen family in the Tromsø Lutheran Church

Solomon and Mary Solomonson

Anne Cecilie Solomonson

Anne Cecilie Solomonson was born March 14, 1858 in Sørfjorden, Lyngen Parish. She was not baptized as a baby because; “Since her parents are Lammerian dissenters they did not baptize their child and it must because of that she be considered as a pagan”. However, she was later baptized on July 16, 1871 with her 2 sisters: “These three sisters baptism was asked for by their father”. Apparently Salomon Salomonsen (sr.) left the Lammerian congregation and returned to the state church and had the 3 daughters baptized and Anne Cecilie was confirmed in 1873. Anne Cecilie’s daughter, Olea (Olive) Karoline Amalie Sørensdatter was born June 14, 1882 in Sørfjorden, Lyngen Parish, Norway and she was the daughter of Karl T. Sørensen. Olea (Olive) was baptized on October 22, 1882 in Norway. Her godparents included her aunt, Elen Petrikke Salomonsdatter and sister and brother Gjertrud Kirstine Knudsdatter and Harald Knudsen, the children of Knud Harald Hauan. Gjertrud married Jacob Erik Mathiasen in 1884 in Willmar, Minnesota. They later moved to Washington. (See the Mathiason Family History)

Anne came to Minnesota in 1886 with her daughter and 2 sisters. Olive later married Alfred Larson, the son of Erik and Alethe (Mathiason) Larson in Washington. (See the Erik Larson History)

Anne Cecilia went to Greenwood, Wisconsin and there she married Joseph Stafford about 1890. They had 2 children, Ella M. Stafford, born March 1891 in Wisconsin and Freeman Silas Stafford, born February 23, 1896 in Wisconsin. In the 1895 Clark Co., Wisconsin census the family was in Beaver Twsp. Olive Sorenson was apparently living with them.

Joseph Stafford probably died about 1897 and in about 1898 Anna Stafford and her children returned to the Lake Lillian community. In the 1900 Kandiyohi Co. census in Lake Lillian Twsp. she was a widow living with her children with her sister, Hansine and Hansine’s husband, Anton Larson. Anne married Edwin H. Olsen from Meeker Co. on November 3, 1900 at the home of Anton and Hansine Larson in Lake Lillian Twsp. Their witnesses were A. E. Larson and Mary E. Solomonson, Anne’s sister-in-law. Anne died October 22, 1901 in Kandiyohi Co. and is buried in the Tromso Memorial Cemetery. The church funeral records give her name as “Anna Olsen” and the cemetery records give her name as “Anna Stafford”. She is buried in the Ole Solomonson family plot. There is no other information about Edwin Olsen.

Olive Sorenson married Alfred Larson on September 10, 1917 in Washington and they had 2 daughters. Alfred was born on August 24, 1882 in Fahlun Twsp., the son of Erik and Alette (Mathiason) Larson. (For more about Alfred and Olive see the Larson family)

Ella M. Stafford was in the 1910 census in Minneapolis as a “boarder”. Ella married Helmer Oliver Hawkins after 1910. He was born January 15, 1891 at Lake Lillian, the son Herman and Karen Louise Haakonsen. Herman Haakensen (Hawkins) was born July 16, 1853, also the son of Haaken Haakonsen and Wilhelmina Wilhelmsdatter. In the 1865 Norway census he was on Nygaard in the Karlsøy parish, Troms with his parents. He came to America in July, 1880 from Bredvik, Troms, Norway. It is very certain that they knew the Solomonson family in Norway. Herman and his wife, Karen Louise are in the 1885 census in Lake Lillian Township with no children. In the 1895 and 1900 census they were in Fahlun Township with their children. In the Tromso Lutheran Church records Herman is listed with his wife, Karen Louise Haakensen, born March 31, 1857 in Norway and their children, Alida Henriette, born May 22, 1885, baptized in 1885, Helmer Oliver, born January 15, 1891 and baptized in 1892, and Gilbert Anton Villiam, born December 4, 1892 and baptized May 6, 1893. In the 1895 census Herman and Carry Hokanson were in Fahlun Township with their 3 children. In the 1900 census the family was also in Fahlun Township. In the 1910 census Herman was living with Ole Rassmuson in East Lake Lillian Township as a “Laborer”. Herman died November 11, 1914 in East Lake Lillian Township and is buried in Tromso Memorial Cemetery. Karin Louise died May 26, 1910 and is also buried in Tromso Lutheran Cemetery. It appears that the children moved to St. Louis Co. Minn. about the time their parents died.

Ella died in 1977 in Superior, Douglas Co., Wisconsin. Ella and Helmer’s daughter was Lois Marguerite, born October 2, 1913 at Kelly Lake in St. Louis Co., Minnesota. She married Bartholomew Lydon on April 17, 1941 in Superior, Wisconsin. They had 2 children, Thomas J. and LouElla, born April 6, 1947 in Superior, Wis. They each have 2 children.

In the 1905 census, Olive Sorenson (teacher), age 20, was living in Lake Lillian Twsp. with her uncle and aunt, Ole and Ellen Marie Solomonson. Also living with them were Freeman Stafford, age 7, and Ella Stafford, age 14. Freeman and Ella were Elen Marie’s nephew and niece.

Freeman and Ella Stafford, about 1900

Freeman Silas Stafford was confirmed in 1911 at Tromso Lutheran Church and he was the first person drafted into the Army from Kandiyohi Co. during WWI. Freeman was with his uncle, Solomon Solomonson in 1917 when Solomon was fatally injured by a falling tree.

Freeman died November 22, 1920 while skating on Lake Lillian and is buried at Tromso Memorial Cemetery in the Ole Solomonson family plat.


Erik Solomonsen was born: October 16, 1860 in Stakkenæs, Karlsøy Parish. He was also not baptized because he was a dissenters baby. He died November 19, 1860 in Stakkenæs, Karlsøy Parish.


Elen Petrica Solomonsdatter was born: November 24, 1861 in Breivikdal, Karlsøy Parish. She was not baptized as a baby; “Since her parents are Lammerian dissenters they did not baptize their child and it must because of that she be considered as a pagan”. She was later baptized on July 16, 1871 with her sisters and confirmed in June, 1878. She emigrated to Minnesota in 1886 with her 2 sisters. She married Anton Johnson on November 17, 1888. Their marriage witnesses were Andrew N. Stokes and Anton’s sister, Mary Stokes. He was born on April 7, 1858 in Norway, the son of Anders (Andrew) Johnson and Anna Maria Mathiasdatter. Anne Maria was the daughter of Mathias Josephsen and Ana Andersdatter. (See more in the Mathiason Family.) It is believed Anton came to America with his family in about 1865. Elen and Anton were in the 1895, 1900, 1905 and 1910 Kandiyohi Co. census in E. Lake Lillian Twsp. with their children.

Elen Petrica died on June 18, 1950 in Bethesda Home, Willmar, Kandiyohi Co., Minnesota. She is buried in Tromso Memorial Cemetery, Lake Lillian. Anton Johnson died April 26, 1914 in Lake Elizabeth Twp, Kandiyohi, Co. He is also buried in Tromso Memorial Cemetery with the name Anta Johnson.

Their children;

Gilbert Anton, born March 12, 1889 in Fahlun Twsp., Kandiyohi Co. He was baptized April 20, 1889 at Tromso Lutheran Church. His sponsors; Anton and Sina Larson and Solomon Solomonson. He was with his parents in the 1895, 1900, & 1910 census (not 1905). When his sister, Anna Evangeline Knight died in 1929 he was the “informant” when he lived in Minneapolis.

Sophie Eline, born September 10, 1890 in Fahlun Twsp. She was baptized on April 20, 1892 at Tromso Lutheran Church, her sponsors included Ellen Hanson, Nils Mathiasen and Nils Nelson. She was with her parents in E. Lake Lillian Twsp. in the 1895, 1900, 1905 & 1910 census. She may have had 2 children born out of wedlock, Owen Johnson and Janete Nelson. At the time of her death her husband was Thorwald Jensen, Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. She died December 1, 1927, name “Sadie Norris Jensen”, in a Minneapolis hospital and was buried December 5, 1927 in the Tromso Memorial Cemetery with the name Sophie Johnson.

Elmer Mathis, born March 23, 1892 in Lake Lillian Twsp. He was baptized on April 20, 1892 in Tromso Lutheran Church, his sponsors were Alette Larson, Mrs. Peter Olson and Peter Olson. He was with his parents in the 1895, 1900, 1905 & 1910 census. As an adult he was known as “Poik”. He died May 26, 1987 and he is buried in the Tromso Mem. Cemetery as “Pvt. U. S. Army/World War I”.

Jennie Amalia, born June. 6, 1894 in E. Lake Lillian Twsp. and was baptized at Tromso Lutheran Church, her sponsors, Ellen Johnson, Josephine Johnson and Anders Erikson. She was confirmed in 1911 at Tromso Lutheran Church. She was also with her parents in the E. Lake Lillian census. She may have died on February 20, 1926 in Kandiyohi Co. There is no other information about her available.

Agnes Signa M. was born September 29, 1897 in Willmar and baptized at Tromso Lutheran Church on November 7, 1897. Her sponsors were Ellen Johnson and Ellen M. and Ole Solomonson. She was also confirmed on June 22, 1913. She was with her family in the 1905 census but not in the 1910. She died January 27, 1931 in Kandiyohi Co. and is buried in Tromso Memorial Cemetery. She may not have been married.

Anna Evangeline, born October 9, 1899 in Lake Lillian Twsp. She was baptized November 5, 1899, her sponsors were the congregation, and confirmed in 1915 at Tromso Lutheran Church. She was with her parents in the 1900, 1905 and 1910 census. She was married to Garnot Knight but later divorced. When she died February 29, 1936 in Minneapolis her brother, Gilbert Johnson was “informant”. She was buried March 5, 1936 in Tromso Memorial Cemetery as Anna Knight.

Mable Heirayda, born September 20, 1902 and baptized on October 26 in Tromso Lutheran Church. Her sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Vick. She was with her family in the 1905 and 1910 census. No other information about her located.

Anton and Ellen (Solomonson) Johnson


Hans Kristian Salomonsen, born September 11, 1864 in Sørfjorden, Lyngen Parish and died October 10, 1864 in Bredvigdal, Sørfjorden, Lyngen Parish. He was not baptized because he was a dissenters baby.


Hansina (Sina) Solomonson, born: Dec, 2, 1865 in Sørfjorden, Lyngen Parish. “Since the parents are Lammerian dissenters they didn’t baptize their child and it must because of that be considered as a pagan.” Both of her parents were listed as “lapp” (Sami). (Was Hansine named for her brother, Hans, who died a year before she was born?) Hansine was baptized on July 16, 1871 in Norway with her 2 sisters and she was confirmed in 1882 and emigrated to Minnesota in 1886 with her 2 sisters. Three of her brothers and her mother had come to the Lake Lillian area earlier. On October 20, 1888 she married Anton E. Larson, the son of Erik Joseph and Ingeborg Larson by Rev. A. N. Kleven. One of their witnesses was John W. Vick. Anton was born on June 22, 1865 in Nicollet Co., Minnesota shortly after his parents had also come from the same area of Norway.

Hansina and Anton had 6 children, Edward Christian, born in 1890, Oscar Emmanuel, born in 1891, Esther Elizabeth, born in 1893, Sadie Josephine, born in 1895, Harry Anthony, born in 1897, and George Essie, born in 1900 and died later. All of the adult children married. Hansine died September 25, 1900 in Lake Lillian Twsp., her infant son, George had died on September 23. She was survived by her husband and 5 children. She is buried in Tromso Memorial Cemetery. Anton later married Christena Anderson, born in Sweden, in 1903 and they had 10 children. Anton died on February 20, 1936 at his home in Fahlun Twsp. He is also buried in Tromso Memorial Cemetery. For more about Hansine and Anton Larson see the Larson family portion of this history.

Hans Erik Salomonsen, born: July 21, 1868 in Breivikdal, Karlsøy Parish. He was also a dissenter’s baby and not baptized. He may have also been named for his brother, Hans, who died in 1864. He died July 26, 1868 in Breivikdal, Karlsøy Parish.


Johan Peter Solomonson was born August 28, 1872 in Sørfjorden, Lyngen Parish. He was baptized on October 7, 1872. His sponsors included Josef Mathiassen, Bredvik and Elen Maria Mathiasdatter, Bredvik. He came to the Lake Lillian area in 1881 with his brother, Ole M. Solomonson. He was in the 1885 census living with his brother, Ole, as was his mother Elen Marie Solomonson (Hansen).

Johan Peter Solomonson was confirmed on February 28, 1894 at Tromso Lutheran Church. He died in March 16, 1894 in Lake Lillian, Minnesota. His funeral was at Tromso Lutheran Church records but there is no record of where he is buried. He may have been buried in the Pioneers Union Cemetery.

The Solomon Solmonson Family Plot, Tromsø Memorial Cemetery

The Ole Solomonson Family Plot, Tromsø Memorial Cemetery