Old Local News of the Gauer Family in Minnesota

The Local news submitted to the weekly newspapers by country correspondents 100 years ago was intermittent and dependent on the diligence of editors and volunteers. The columns had no bylines so we do not know who called around to gather the news. This is a sampling of what there is about the Gauer family and some of the near neighbors in East Lake Lillian Township of Kandiyohi County, Minnesota. You will also notice selected items of the nearby East Lake Lillian Baptist Church and the Anderstrom family. My Aunt Lillian Gauer married Allie Anderstrom. My Uncle Glen Gauer married Esther Anderstrom.
Health care was primitive and many did not survive. Also note the progress from the horse and buggy days to the early automobiles, the coming of the railroad to establish the townsite of Lake Lillian, and news of the World War.
There is no index to aid the search. Here is what we have found so far from the newspaper microfilm files at the Minnesota History Center Library in St, Paul.

Compiled by Gary Gauer

Newspaper Key Name and Location
ARP The Republican Press Atwater, MN issued on Fridays
BIU Bird Island Union Bird Island, MN
LLC Lake Lillian Crier Lake Lillian, MN issued on Thursdays
TCN The Cosmos News Cosmos, MN
ELL / East Lake Lillian
(my notes are in parenthesis)


Mar 23 1900 ARP / ELL
An entertainment will be given at the schoolhouse of district 89 on Friday Evening. The program will be followed by a basket sociable, and all baskets will be sold to the highest bidder. The proceeds will go for an organ for the school house. Girls turn out with your baskets and boys turn out with your pocket books and remember that you have never made a better investment when you get your supper and a girl for the evening with it.


Jan 8 1909 BIU Thorp's Corner
Born to Mr & Mrs Mat Gauer a baby boy, Jan 2nd Congratulations (my Dad, Otto)


July 8 1910 ARP news from July 3
The infant child of Matt Gauer died last Friday and was buried at the Baptist cemetery last Monday.
(Frances March 29 1910 - June 24 1910)


Jan 17, 1911 ARP / ELL
Mr. & Mrs. Gauer called on Frank Stoll´s Sunday.
Feb 3, 1911 ARP / ELL
Neighbor Gauer was on his way to the dance given at Joe McKelvey´s Saturday night but when about half ways there he was suddenly taken with cold feet and returned home, amusing his wife and children for the remainder of the evening.
Feb 10, 1911 ARP / ELL
Mat Gauer is busy moving his house from his old farm to the new place.
Mar 3 1911 ARP / Cosmos:
Mat Gauer has moved home his old dwelling house.
May 12 1911 ARP
A 10 pound girl arrived last Friday at the home of Matt Gauer
Dec 7 1911 BIU /Osceola Blizzards
Mr. &; Mrs. Matt Gauer´s seven year old boy died Tuesday. The funeral will be held from the Church of Hope. We sympathize with the bereaved parents
(Deceased Fred was six, born May 13, 1905: Glenn was 7, Otto was 2, Eleanor was 7 months.)
Dec 8 1911 ARP / Cosmos : Dec 4
Mat Gauer had the misfortune to lose his youngest son last Sunday evening who died from blood poisoning. The burial will be at Osceola next Tuesday.
(Otto was youngest son at that time)
Dec 15 1911 ARP / ELL: Dec 12
The funeral of Mr. Gauer´s son Freddie which was to take place last Tues, the 5th, was postponed until Wednesday on account of signs of life.


Mar 4 1912 ARP/Cosmos
Matt Gauer is now of the opinion that he has purchased about enough at auction sales, in fact enough, to hold an auction sale himself in the near future.
June 10 1912 ARP East and West Lake Lillian
Mr and Mrs Roy Marsh and children and the Gauer family spent Sunday picknicking at Lake Kandiyohi.
Nov 4 1912 ARP / Cosmos
Rev Finwall of Chicago has conducted services in the Baptist Church of Lake Lillian the past week. At the day services the addresses were in Norwegian and in the evenings he spoke in English for the young people.


Feb 17 1913 ARP / Cosmos
Mrs Nicholas Anderson (note wrong name published) died last Sunday at the age of 35 years, 5 months and 25 days. She leaves 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls, the oldest being 14 years. She has 3 sisters in this country to mourn her death - one in Chicago, Mrs Anton Hanson of Dakota and Mrs August Erickson of Lake Lillian. She was buried in the Baptist Church cemetery last Thursday about 2 O'clock.
Feb 13 1913 BIU / County Line Buzzings
The many friends and relatives were shocked to hear of the sudden death of Mrs Nicholas Hanson Sunday Morning. The deceased leaves a husband and four children to mourn the loss of a kind and affectionate wife and mother.
April 11 1913 ARP / ELL
Miss Ella Anderstrom has left for Bird Island where she intends to stay with her sister, Mrs Ed Zupke.
April 25 1913 ARP / ELL
Arthur, Willie and Florence Carlson, Elizabeth and Rose Gauer,Ale, Esther, Hulda and Amy Anderstom, Fred Holmgren and Myrtle Johnson spent Saturday evening at Wm Trogen's in West Lake Lillian.
note District 40
aka Bomsta School
June 13 1913 ARP / West Lake Lillian and Fahlun
Johnny Anderstrom had 16 horses on a road grader last week. The surplus power could have been better consummed on the Electric short line Railroad. (note that the RR was talked about for 10 more years before construction through ELL in 1923)
Aug 22 1913 ARP / ELL
The Norwegian Baptist congregation is erecting a very handsome residence for their pastor and his family.
(note that the church building was built and the cemetery established in 1899)
Dec 15 1913 ARP / Cosmos
Fred Holmgren traded off his old cook last Tuesday. Mr Holmgren and Miss Amy Anderstrom went before the clerk of court in Willmar and asked for a marriage license, which was duly granted. Since that they went to a person who was duly quallified to unite them as man and wife. They passed the next day at Willmar sight-seeing, and later went to Minneapolis to pass their honeymoon. Now, boys, what is wrong in finding all the old cowbells in the neighborhood. We'll join in congratulation and wish them success in life. They now have leased the farm of Mrs. John M. Carlson for a number of years.
Mrs John M. Carlson will have an auction sale the 19th of Dec., which will be one of the largest in the vicinity. She is to move to her mother's Mrs. Trogen of West Lake Lillian, and Mr and Mrs Holmgren will take possession of the farm at once.
Dec 19 1913 ARP / ELL
Fred Holmgren, a popular young man and son of Mr & Mrs John Holmgren took unto himself a wife by the name of Amy Anderstrom, a well liked young lady amoung the people of East Lake Lillian and daughter of Mr & Mrs Pete Anderstrom. They were married at Willmar Tuesday of last week by Rev R.C. Todd. Mr and Mrs Holmgren returned to the Anderstrom home, where they will remain til after Mrs. Betsy Carlson's sale. The happy couple was tendered a well-planned surprise by the young people of the town. They received many costly presents. Congratulations go out to the newly-weds from this correspondent and we wish them much happiness.


Jan 23 1914 ARP / ELL
Jan 18 Matt Gauer was out trying his new auto last Sunday and he said it worked first rate.
Mar 13 1914 ARP /SE Lake Elizabeth March 9
A number of young folks took in the oyster supper at the Baptist Church in East Lake Lillian last wednesday evening and all report a good time.
Mar 13 1914 ARP /SE Lake Elizabeth March 9
There is diptheria in the Bitzen home. Scott's are also reported on the sick list.
Mar 13 1914 ARP
Obituary .. Fred Holmgren, after a brief illness, from Diptheria... Fred Holmgren passed away as a victum of that dread disease at his home in East Lake Lillian on Wednesday morning at 5:40. Deceased had been married only 3 months and this sudden bereavement comes as a very hard blow to the young wife who survives him. He was born June 2 1892, so consequently was not quite 22 years of age. Besides the widow who survives him, the nearest relatives are his parents, Mr and Mrs John Holmgren, well known residents of East Lake Lillian and four brothers. A large circle of friends will also regret to learn of his untimely death. Deceased was a member of the Yeoman Lodge here and carried insurance in that order, which will help provide for the surviving widow. The burial took place in the Norwegian Baptist Church Cemetery on Wednesday afternoon at 5 O'Clock. Rev Jacomson officiating The grief stricken wife has the sympathy of all in the affliction which has befallen her.
Mar 20 1914 ARP / SE Lake Elizabeth
Messrs. Gauer and Kilgore were around one day last week soliciting for the L.E.Line.. Richard John was around de horning cattle last Friday. He did not call at all the places as he was afraid he might catch diptheria. .. The state health inspectors visited the Riverside and Thorpe Schools last week. We do not know the results at this writing.
April 10 1914 ARP / SE Lake Elizabeth
We learn that Cosmos and Thorpe will each have a bank, which seems to be the first signs of the electric short line. (railroad)
April 10 1914 ARP / Cosmos
The large bank at Thorpe is nearly completed. It is being built on 4 wheels so it will be handy to haul it to the next station when the railroad comes. The cashier will probably be from Minneapolis.
April 20 1914 ARP / SE Lake Elizabeth
The bank at Thorpe opened for business last Monday... Jess Summerlet has purchased a "gas buggy" from Carney Brothers at Bird Island.
May 22 1914
Elbin and John Cedarberg who were quarantined at Mrs Bitzen's are now around shaking hands with old friends. They are of the opinion that if they can they will try and draw wages from the state for the time they were quarantined.
June 26 1914 ARP front page
Hail Storm does damage. .... At Thorpe the large plate glass window on the north side of the new bank was among those demolished. ... all the windows on the north side of the Norwegian Lutheran church were broken.
July 31 1914 ARP / Thorpe
Mrs Fred Holmgren & Miss Hilda Anderstrom were callers at John Holmgren's last Sunday... The fence was put up at the Baptist Cemetery.
August 7 1914 ARP
Germany declares war against Russia; Troops invading France; Kaiser's forces marching towards French Capital
August 7 1914 ARP / Thorpe Aug 3
Harvesting is about complete in this neighborhood.
- E.J. Strom made a flying trip to Bird Island in his car last Saturday.
- Miss Rose Gauer, who is employed at John Johnson's, was a visitor at her home Sunday.
- Jesse Summerlet bought a Bull tractor last week.
August 14 1914 ARP / Thorpe
Arvid Trogen was a visitor at Peter Anderstrom's last Sunday.
- Jesse Summerlet put in a set of flues in his engine last week.
August 21 1914 ARP / Thorpe Aug 17
Albert Lundgren was a visitor at Peter Anderstrom's Sunday evening.
- There will be services at the Lake Lillian Baptist Church Sunday. Baptism at Lake Lillian Aug 23 at the east shore.
August 21 1914 ARP
Half dozen battles are being simultaneously fought in Belgium
September ARP / ELL Sept 21
On Friday of last week a fox succeeded in catching a little pig between one and two months old belonging to Mrs August Bitzen. The children heard the squeels but the fox ran into the pasture and already had the pig so far in the hole that they could not get at it.
November 6 1914 ARP / Thorpe
Matt Gauer marketed some hogs in Bird Island last Saturday.
December 25 1914 ARP / ELL Dec 21
Matt Gauer arrived home last Friday from a brief visit at Windy City, Iowa


January 15 1915 ARP / ELL January 12
The Windy City globe trotter was in this vicinity last week.
May 21 1915 ARP / Cosmos May 10
Mrs August Betzin has her barn about completed.
- Matt and Clarence Gauer made a business trip to Cosmos last Thursday. They were to buy the old churn, but came an hour too late, as it already had been sold.
August 1915 ARP / Thorpe August 3
Mrs Fred Holmgren is helping Mrs E J Strom with general housework this week.
- Johnny Anderstrom helped Hans Peterson a couple of days with some work last week.
- Hans P Hanson got a brand new Ford last week.
August 6 1915 ARP / ELL
Allie Anderstrom was seen at the cemetery Monday, improving the grounds with a mower.
September 10 1915 ARP / Thorpe September 6
Mrs Fred Holmgren and sister Hilda spent Sunday at Summerlet's
- Mr and Mrs Hedlund and family and Miss Elizabeth Gauer spent Sunday at Matt Gauer's
- Mr and Mrs George Ewer called on Gauer's Sunday.
December 3 ARP / Cosmos Nov 22
Matt Gauer has employed a ditching machine from Glencoe to do some ditching for him.
December 10 1915 ARP / Cosmos
The cosmos correspondent was at Hutchinson last monday and had the pleasure of seeing the Luce Electric Railway. It goes just north of the mill and follows the river....
December 31 1915 ARP / Cosmos December 27
Last Monday we had the pleasure of attending an Electric short line meeting at the Thorpe School House. A representative of the line informed us that they would build through Lake Lillian, as the people of Lake Lillian had paid their pro rata share toward building the road ......


Feb 18, 1916 ARP / LL
Tuesday February 15 will be a great day in Hutchinson. The first passenger train will arrive at that place. A banquet for about 400 will be given in honor of the Luce Line of which several are from here.
Mar 31, 1916 ARP / Thorpe
Matt Gauer´s spent Sunday with Wm Scott´ s
April 7, 1916 ARP / LL
Mrs A Holmgren and Hilda Anderstrom of Thorpe visited last week with their sister, Mrs Albert Lundgren.
April 21 1916 ARP / LL April 17
County Surveyor J.I. Rowate of Willmar is expected here in the near future for platting lots for the Lake Lillian Station on the Luce Electric Line.
April 28 1916 ARP News / Obit.
Death calls Johan Linden of Lake Elizabeth. Died April 21 1916. Born Oct 22 1957. / father of Axel .
(excerpt also note Axel married Rose in 1919.}
April 28 1916 ARP News / Lake Lillian
Burned to death last Friday
A sad accident occurred here Friday morning when Mr & Mrs Arthur Green were burned to death at their home one half mile south of Christina Church. They were making fire in the stove, pouring kerosene on the coal which made an explosion. The house was not burned. / Mrs Green was a teacher in district 105. Mr and Mrs Green were about 30 years old.
Aug 18 1916 ARP / ELL : Aug 14
Mr Currie, an anti catholic speaker, was at the Baptist Church Wednesday and Friday evenings.
September 1 1916 ARP / Cosmos: Aug 28
The Luce Line is now 3 miles west of Hutchinson. The contractor has quit and gone to work for the Soo road and this year Cosmos and Lake Lilllian will market their grain same as usual. We are informed the Luce folks will take a rest for 3 years.
Matt Gauer and family, and Mrs Betzin and Mrs Cedarberg autoed to Brookfield last Sunday and from there to Litchfield. Mr Gauer is in the market for an automobile.
September 8 1916 ARP / East West LL
A few of the nearest neighbors helped Mrs A H Vick celebrate her birthday last Thursday and it is needless to say that the old women enjoyed themselves immensely over their coffee and lefse.
September 22 1916 ARP / LL Sept 18
Mr and Mrs August Erickson and family of Kingman Twp visited relatives Monday evening. (This was my mothers parents).
Oct 20 1916 ARP E W LL Oct 18
Mrs Amy Holmgren and her sister Hilda Anderstrom have been assisting Mrs. Ben Thomas with housecleaning this week.
Oct 20 1916 ARP / LL
Mr and Mrs Asa Bomsta and children and Fred Bergland autoed to Spicer Sunday to spend the day with relatives.
December 22 1916 ARP / LL
E J Strom went to Minneapolis on Saturday to join the Overland Excursion on Monday for Toledo, Ohio.
(note that that the the overland automobile factory was at Toledo. By 1912 Overland had become America´ s second largest producer of cars at 26,000 units and exceeded only by Ford. )


Jan 19, 1917 ARP / Cosmos
Mrs Matt Gauer is at present in Iowa, being called there at the bedside of a brother who died a few days ago. (This would be near Ackley and may have been Joe Finger born July 26, 1875)
The Thorpe Creamery Association met last Saturday. At the meeting it was decided that the patrons should do the cutting and hauling of the ice gratis and similar cuts are made to do away with needless expense. We are of the opinion that the creamery will now make good.
Feb 2 1917 ARP / Thorpe Jan 29
Miss E. Knott spent Sunday at Matt Gauer´s
Rev Olaf Breding from Chicago will conduct revival meetings at the Baptist Church commencing the 7th of March.
Mrs Matt Gauer and son Clarence returned Saturday from Iowa where they attended the funeral of a brother.
Feb 9 1917 ARP / News
Diplomatic Break with Teutons Comes. Wilson severs relations with German nation.
Feb 23 1917 ARP / Thorpe
Quite a number of young people spent Sunday evening at the Gauer´ s.
The Ladies Aid Society of the Lake Lillian Baptist Church will give an oyster Supper at the church Feb 28th in the evening.
Miss Lillian Gauer spent Sunday afternoon at Anderstrom´ s.
March 2 1917 ARP / Thorpe
Miss E. Knott spent Sunday at Matt Gauer´ s
There will be a basket social in District 40, Fri evening Mar 2. Girls bring your baskets and you boys bring both your pocket books and your bank books.
Mrs Peter Anderstrom returned from Svea after a couple of months stay.
Mrs Amy Holmgren is helping Mrs E J Strom this week.
May 11, 1917 ARP / News
Operation of New Draft Law
May 18 1917 ARP / LL
Bill Johnson drove home his new Ford from Bird Island last week.
Aug 10 1917 ARP / Thorpe
Allie Anderstrom and a girl friend were seen out riding in a Ford last Sunday.
Aug 17 1917 ARP / LL
Allie and Hilda Andersstrom, Lillian Gauer and Edgar Bomstad called at F E Gunner´s Sunday evening.
Aug 31 1917 ARP / ELL
Willie and Agnes Carlson spent Sunday at Miss Knott´s home near Svea. When is the knot going to be tied Willie?
Nov 9 1917 ARP / LL
Miss Knott entertained at her home near Svea last Sunday evening at Supper. The following young people from here were there: Carlson´ s, Gunner´ s, Anderstrom´ s, Melby´ s, Nelson´ s, and Hanson´ s.
Nov 16 1917 ARP / LL
Mrs Amy Holmgren went to Fahlun Saturday to help her sister with sewing.
Nov 23 1917 ARP / LL
Willie Carlson and Miss Knott made a short call at the John Vick home this evening.
Nov 30 1917 ARP / LL
Mrs Asa Bomsta and daughter Lenore visited at Joseph Nelson´ s on Sunday.
Dec 21 1917 ARP / ELL
The social at the Thorpe school was largely attended.


Jan 11 1918 ARP / ELL
The Anderstrom young people spent Thursday afternoon at Mittlestad's
Jan 25 1918 ARP / ELL
Ira and Clifford Strom, Hilmer Hanson, Oden Johnson, Dewey Vick, Edgar Bomstad, Gust & Aben Cedarburg and Emil Olson left on Wednesday to enlist in the Army.
Mrs John Holmgren and son Alfred called at P. Anderstrom's on Tuesday.
Feb 1 1918 ARP / ELL
Mrs Amy Holmgren is assisting Mrs Jerry Johnson with house work.
Hilda Anderstrom and Rose Gauer left for Willmar on Monday to seek employement.
Feb 8 1918 ARP / ELL
News is scarce on account of the cold weather.
The improvement club met at Thorpe with Mrs Anderson on Thursday and it was voted to turn the club into a Red Cross Society until the War closes. All that are willing to work for the cause are welcome to join.
Feb 15 1918 ARP / ELL
Leoda and Helen Hanson spent Sunday Afternoon at F.E. Gunners
Mrs Emily Betzin called at Gotchville Friday.
March 8 1918 ARP / ELL
Mrs Amy Holmgren is helping at Naldo Johnson's this week
Mar 29 1918 ARP / Cosmos
A number of neighbors were entertained at Mrs Betzin's last Thursday. We are informed that they had a tug of war. Twenty ladies pulled rope against Mr Matt Gauer which was a little too much for him.
April 5 1918 ARP / ELL
Misses Lillian and Rose Gauer and Allie Anderstrom went to Grove City Sunday Evening.
Mr and Mrs Gauer and Mr and Mrs F.E Gunner were callers at the Mittlestad home on Sunday.
Mr Gauer, daughter Lillian and Mrs Paul were Bird Island callers Saturday.
April 12 1918 ARP / Union Grove
Leslie Flanders purchased a new horse of Pete Haagenson last week. Leslie says he can beat any Ford that comes along now.
April 26 1918 AFP / Cosmos
Matt Gauers will entertain the cemetery club Thursday the 25th for the benefit of the Baptist Church. Everybody is cordially invited.
April 26 1918 AFP / ELL
Their will be a sale of different articles at the Thorpe Garage on the 27th. The ladies will serve lunch all afternoon for the benefit of the Red Cross.
May 17 1918 AFP / ELL
Miss Rose Gauer assisted with the work of paper hanging at F.E. Gunner's on Monday.
May 24 1918 AFP / Lake Lillian
Caesar Linn and Miss Ostrich were out joy riding in a Dodge Sunday afternoon and evening and part of Monday Morning. Some Class.
Marvin Erickson and Ceasar Linn and a couple of "brunettes" whose signatures we do not know attended the dance at Al. Bruggeman's in Kingman on Friday evening.
June 21 1918 ARP / ELL
Miss Rose Gauer left on Sunday to work at C.O. Peterson's in Lake Elizabeth.
Aug 9 1918 ARP / Cosmos
The correspondents to the Press appear and dissappear like a mushroom, we wish they would be evelasting in their work, especially the correspondent from East Lake Lillian or has fear overcame him.
Aug 23 1918 ARP / Cosmos
The Thorpe creamery has been closed down for the rest of the summer and their buttermaker, Lawrence Peterson has gone to Litchfield.
1918 ARP Front Page
Note many letters from local soldiers in Europe and articles about progress of the War.
Oct 25 1918 ARP / ELL
The coffee social that was to be held at the Baptist Church on Friday evening has been postponed on account of the influenza scare.
Nov 1 1918 ARP / Notice
Regulation 220, passed by the State Board of Health at it meeting of Oct 21st prohibits public gatherings. In accordance with this regulation from this date forward until further notice all funerals are considered public gatherings and must be private. This applies to deaths occurring locally, from any cause, or bodies brought into the state for burial. H.M Bracken, Executive Officer
Nov 15 1918 ARP / Headlines
Nov 22 1918 ARP
Ban will be lifted Monday.
The influenza ban which has been on for 5 or 6 weeks will be ......
Dec 27 1918 ARP / Front Page
Ingebright Johnson family loses mother and son within two weeks from pneumonia.


Jan 3 1919 ARP
The board of health and village council have consented to allow the churches to open for service Sunday January 5th and the public school Monday January 6th. No places of amusements, however or public gatherings of any kind will be allowed until further notice.
/Cosmos/ Quite a number around Thorp have the flu.
The Matt Gauer family is down with the influenza. Mrs. Cederburg is employed as a nurse.
Jan 10 1919 ARP
Chester M Johnson, son of Ingebright Johnson of Lake Lillian was born August 1 1892, took ill with influenza December 12, but seemed to recover so that he could be up until December 28, when a sudden relapse came and after great suffering passed away January 4th at 4 p.m. The family and friends are grief stricken beyond words as this is the third death in the home within the last three weeks. Internment was made in the Baptist Cemetery in Lake Lillian, Rev D.R. Largergen officiating.
Jan 17 1919 ARP / ELL
School opened Monday after being closed 5 weeks.
Feb 7 1919 ARP
Gauer - Watson wedding article
Feb 14 1919 ARP / ELL
The Gauer young folks spent Thursday at A. Melby´s.
March 14
Sidney Summerlet came home on Wednesday after spending six months in the U.S. service. We are glad to see you back Sydney, but Oh Leoda has the biggest smile.
Mar 28 1919 ARP front page
Gauer - Linden wedding article
April 11 1919 ARP / ELL
Miss Lillian Gauer is spending a few days with her sister, Mrs A. Linden
April 25 1919 ARP / ELL
Did you hear the wedding bells of Saturday? Well, Sydney Summerlet and Leoda Hanson were quietly married at Willmar in spite of the bad roads.
July 25 ARP / ELL
Mr. & Mrs. Axel Linden called in our community Sunday.
Aug 15
Allie Anderstrom and Lillian Gauer were married by Rev Lovik at Willmar the other day.
Sept 19 1919 ARP / ELL
The little Watson girl had the misfortune of breaking her arm while playing over at Mrs Betzin´s on Saturday. (Neoma was 8 then) Mrs. R Watson of Dakota arrived for a few weeks stay with her parents Mr. & Mrs. Gauer.
Oct 17 1919 ARP / The Thorpe observatory
The Lord is in Lake Lillian trying to snatch your soul out of hell. Meet Him at the Baptist church next Sunday.
" Come let us reason together." Isaiah 1:18
Oct 24 1919 ARP / ELL
Mrs. Watson & daughter spent last week at Axel Linden´s in Lake Elizabeth
Oct 31 1919
Mrs. Axel Linden spent the fore part of the week at her parental house.
Nov 7 1919
The Gauer young people spent a pleasant evening with the Anderstrom young folks Thursday of last week.
Nov 28 1919 ARP / ELL
The Improvement Club meets at Gauer´s December 4th.
Nov 28 1919 ARP / The Thorpe Observatory
A party was given Mr. & Mrs. Allie Anderstrom last Monday.


(Note that News of local Atwater people was gathered by the Racket Store. Note title of The Norwegian Danish Methodist Church)
April 16 1920 ARP
Gauers spent Sunday afternoon at A Linden´ s.
April 23 1920 ARP
(Note LL Baptist Rev O P Lovik)
May 7 1920 ARP
Mr. & Mrs. Axel Linden spent Sunday at Gauer´s
November 28 1920 from Ramblings by Eleanor in the Gauer Book
Lena suffered a stroke and her whole left side was paralyzed for the rest of her life.
Dec 24 1920 ARP / ELL
Mr. Matt Gauer who has been on the sick list is now up and around.


Jan 7 1921 ARP / ELL
Mrs Amy Holmgren spent Sunday at Ingebret Johnson's
The Wm. Mittlestadt family, Mr & Mrs Allie Anderstrom and Mr & Mrs Edgar (Hilda Anderstom) Bomstad were entertained for dinner at F.E. Gunner's on New Years Day
Jan 14 1921 ARP / ELL
Mrs Watson and daughters of Meadow SD who for the past 5 weeks been visiting at the Gauer home, left on Friday.
Jan 28 1921 ARP / ELL
Rev E.P. Johnson and William were entertained for dinner by Clarence Gauer on Sunday.
Feb 4 1921 ARP / ELL
Mrs Edgar Bomstad is very sick at this writing
Mar 4 1921 ARP / ELL
Mr & Mrs Allie Anderstrom visited at Axel Linden's Sunday
Mar 11 1921 ARP / ELL
Saturday seemed to be moving day in the vicinity. Dewey Vick moved to the old Andrew Walin place and Allie Anderstrom to Mrs Betzin's farm.
March 18 1921 ARP / Cosmos
Thorp creamery which has been idle for about 6 years will once more start up about the first of April. All old patrons and new customers are solicited.
School is closed at Thorp on account of sickness. The teacher is at Hutchinson under a doctor's care.
April 8 1921 ARP / ELL
Miss Lillie Nordeen is working at Matt Gauer's
April 29 1921 ARP / ELL
Rev and Mrs E P Johnson were entertained for dinner Sunday at the Matt Gauer home.
May 27 1921 ARP / ELL
Born to Mr & Mrs Allie Anderstrom, a girl May 17
June 17, 1921 ARP / ELL
Mrs Amy Holmgren and sister Esther did some paper hanging for Mrs Soren Hanson Thursday.
The M. E. Ladies have organized a cemetery society. The first meeting to be at Jesse Summerletts
July 8 1921 ARP / ELL
The open air services on the east shore of LL has commenced. Everybody welcome.
1921 Advertisements ARP
Fordson tractor / $625 / The Strong Motor Co. / Atwater
Ford Runabout $325 / Touring car $355 / Truck chassis $445 / Coupe $595 / Sedan $660
Aug 19 1921 ARP / ELL
Mrs Amy Holmgren will entertain the Improvement Club at her parental home Aug 25
Sep 9 1921 ARP / ELL
Baptist Ladies Aid at Axel Linden's Sep 21
Sep 30 1921 ARP / ELL
The Axel Lindens and Allie Anderstroms called at Matt Gauer's Sunday.
John Anderstrom and friend spent Sunday afternoon at Axel Linden's
Mrs Amy Holmgren is assisting at Hans Walter's
Mr and Mrs Edgar Bomstad and Ruby Anderstrom visited at Willmar Sunday.
Oct 21 1921 ARP / ELL
Mr and Mrs Allie Anderstrom, Clarence and George (Glen) Gauer went to Willmar Sunday afternoon to attend the meeting of the mission church.
Oct 28 1921 ARP / ELL
Peter Anderstrom is building a barn for Jerry Johnson.
Nov 11 1921 ARP / ELL
Clarence Gauer left on Tuesday for Bethel Academy to be trained for missionary work.


to be searched

Jan 6 1922 ARP / ELL
Allie Anderstrom assisted at Wm. Mittelstad's on Thursday.
John Anderstrom and Annie Sheline were quietly married on Wednesday at Rev. Samneson's and a reception was given in the evening to some of the young people at the home of the bride.
Feb 3, 1922 ARP / advertisement
The Strong Motor Company / Fordson Tractor reduced in price from $625 to $395
Mar 10, 1922 ARP / ELL
Born to Mr & Mrs Jerry Johnson a girl Feb 26.
Mrs Amy Holmgren is assisting at Jerry Johnson's.
Mar 24, 1922 ARP / ELL
Mrs Amy Holmgren who has been assisting at Jerry Johnson's for some time, left for her home on Tuesday.
April 7, 1922 ARP / Thorpe
If you want your car overlooked, See Si
May 19, 1922 ARP / ELL
Mr & Mrs E Bomstad called at Wm Mittlestad's Friday.
Rev L O Williams has been painting the Baptist Church.
Mrs Pete Anderstrom and daughter Amy visited at Arvid Trogen's on Friday.
May 26 ARP
Annual District Convention opens in Lake Lillian M. E. Church Saturday May 27. The Epworth League of the Norwegian Danish Conference ... Dedication of the church at Lake Lillian which has been newly remodeled and just completed.
June 2 1922 ARP
Convention dedicated ... M. E. Church (Jesse Summerlet, trustee)
July 21, 1922 ARP / ELL
Mrs Amy Holmgren assisted at Edgar Bomstad's last week.
Aug 4, 1922 ARP / ELL
Mr Gauer and family spent Sunday at Axel Linden's
Sept 1, 1922 ARP / ELL
Mrs Axel Linden assisted at her parental home in threshing on Thursday and Friday.
Oct 6 1922 ARP / ELL
Esther Anderstrom assisted at Edgar Bomstad's on Tuesday.
Nov 3 1922 ARP / ELL
Mrs Amy Holmgren is assisting at Ed Lund's this week while Mrs Lund is assisting in corn husking.


(This is the year that Lake Lillian began, Matt died Sept 4 1923 and Lena died December 7 1923.)

Mar 16 1923 ARP / ELL
Harry Hawkins, our always happy mail carrier was on the sick list a few days this week.
April 6 1923 ARP
"Elevator For Lake Lillian" association formed. meeting at Flann Schoolhouse (Dist 5)
Funeral of Arvid Trogan was held on Friday of last week. He had been a sufferer for a long time.
May 4, 1923 ARP / LL April 30
T.M.Johnson will be busy at Kandiyohi Lake in the near future making cement blocks for Wm. and Richard Johnson. The later are going to open a garage in the new town known as Lake Lillian.
The East Lake Lillian corresponent seems to be short of items every once in a while. Why don't you get some one to help you so we may know of the East Lake Lillian happenings.
May 11, 1923 ARP / ELL
Allie Anderstrom and family and sisters Amy and Esther were entertained at Axel Linden's at dinner on Sunday.
Holmgren brothers, Hintz brothers and Odin Johnson are busy making cement blocks for the new blacksmith shop of H.C. Peterson in the new town.
May 18, 1923 ARP / ELL
Russel and Willard Hawkins of Lake Elizabeth were seen on the streets of Gotchville on Saturday afternoon.
The Lake Lillian ball team won the first game they played at the beach on Sunday, May 6 and we all hope they will keep it going this coming season. It is an old saying that "when you are up, you are up, when you are down, you are down." When you are up against Lake Lillian You are upside down.
June 1, 1923 ARP / LL
The Luce line will be finished in a few weeks time. The work is quite far advanced.
June 15, 1923 ARP
The First State Bank of Thorpe has been moved to Lake Lillian. The cashier stayed right on the job and attended to business all the way although he did stay on the bridge a long time.
June 29, 1923 ARP / article
Was Gala Day for Lake Lillian People
Thursday June 21, 1923 was a big day for the people living in the Lake Lillian territory, for on that day they celebrated the completion of the 30 mile extension of the Electric Short Line from Hutchinson to Lake Lillian. In the christening of the new rail road town of Lake Lillian many people along the line from Minneapolis to that point helped in the event. They boarded the special train carrying over 400 business men from the city who made the trip to celebrate the opening of the second extension. Aboard the train was the 135th Infantry Band, which played at the different towns of the line. Colonel Earl D Luce, president of the line, acted as host. The scene of the celebration was in Andrew Anderson Grove. Speeches were made by prominent city business men and officials as well as others representing the residents of the new section. The speach making followed a repast of good eats served to the visitors. The new towns are enjoying a boom and banks, stores, elevators, garages etc. are springing up.
July 6, 1923 ARP
Luce Line in Receiver's Hands
(excerpts) owed 5000 on a note made Jan 1. It is said there are 100 000 of this kind of note outstanding. The action will not interfere with the operation of the road nor its extension westward.
July 13, 1923 ARP / ELL
Mrs Amy Holmgren is assisting at Rev Anderson's
Our ever happy mail carrier and his family returned from a two week trip to Duluth, Calley Lake and Erskine, Minnesota. If you don't know who is always happy it is Harry Hawkins.
Tent Meetings every evening in the Andrew Anderson Grove. Come and hear a good serman and good music.
August 3, 1923 ARP / ELL
H. C. Peterson, the Thorpe black smith, had his house moved last week to the new town of Lake Lillian.
August 10, 1923 ARP / ELL
Mrs Amy Holmgren assisted at Matt Gauer's on thursday.
Mrs J.W. Hanson visited at George Halverson's at Cosmos one day last week, going over on the Luce Line in the morning and returning in the evening.
Sept 14, 1923 ARP / Front Page
East Lake Lillian Resident Dies of Heart Failure
Mathias Gauer, for over twenty years a resident of East Lake Lillian, dropped dead at his home on Tuesday, September 4, while helping in the threshing of his grain. (as follows)

This was also published in the Atwater Herald

obit Atwater Herald Sep 14 1923

Sept 14, 1923 ARP / ELL
Mr and Mrs Axel Linden entertained on Sunday the latters mother, brothers and sisters.
October 12, 1923 ARP / ELL
Rev Olson, Clarence Gauer and Misses Reiber and Murray made business calls at Atwater and Grove City on Monday.
Nov 16, 1923 ARP / Auction Sale
/ Auction Sale Tues Nov 20
(List of items includes horses, dairy cows, farm machinery and a 1917 Maxwell car )
Lena Gauer and Clarence Gauer as administrators of the estate of Mathias Gauer, decedent.
Mrs Amy Holmgren is assisting at Wm. Mittlestad's this week.
Mr and Mrs Allie Anderstrom visited at Gauer's on Sunday.
Mr and Mrs Floyd Summerlet spent Friday evening at Harry Hawkin's "listening in" on the Radio.
Nov 23, 1923 ARP / ELL
Mary Solmonson's house was moved to Lake Lillian on Saturday.
Dec 14, 1923 ARP / Front Page
Death Again Visits Gauer Home in East Lake Lillian

This was also published in the Atwater Herald

obit Atwater Herald Dec 14 1923


Jan 11, 1924 ARP
Rev & Mrs. H. Olson entertained at dinner on Friday Rev Alfred Anderson family and the Gauer young people.
Feb 8 1924 ARP / ELL
The Gauer boys have traded their Maxwell car for a Ford, making the deal at the Johnson & Johnson garage at Lake Lillian
Feb 8 1924 ARP / ELL
The New post office opened it doors at LL Feb 1...
March 21, 1924 ARP / ELL
Clarence Gauer has had an operation for appendicitis at Minneapolis.
March 28, 1924 ARP / ELL
A delegation of 52 left by special train from LL on Wednesday evening for Hutchinson where they enjoyed a banquet and speeches at that place given by the Gopher Campfire Club. (held at the armory)
April 1924 ARP / ELL
The improvement club will meet at the home of Allie Anderstroms April 24
(The Republican Press had ads for the churches) Lake Lillian Norwegian Baptist Church, Rev Harold Olson, Pastor. Regular services 1st & 3rd Sundays - Sunday Schools
June 6 1924 ARP / ELL
Clarence Gauer took charge of the service at the Baptist church on Sunday in the absence of Rev. Olson. (You didn´t have to be Norwegian to be a member or preach there)
July 1924 ARP / ELL
The improvement club of the Baptist Cemetery Society will meet on the church lawn July 31.
July 1924 ARP / ELL
The Axel Linden family spent Sunday at Allie Anderstroms. Allie Anderstrom was given a surprise party Wednesday evening for his services as janitor at the church.
Axel Linden is driving a new car.
Sept 12 1924 ARP / ELL
Mrs. Allie Anderstrom and Mrs. Amy Holmgren made a business call at Ed Lunds and I Johnsons on Tuesday afternoon.
Oct 17 1924 ARP / ELL
Born to Mr. & Mrs. Leo Gauer a girl on Saturday Oct 11.
Dec 12 1924 ARP / ELL
Glen Gauer left this week for Meadow SD where he will stay for some time with the family of his sister.


Oct 16, 1925 TCN
Mrs Leo Gauer & baby of Lake Lillian visited her folks, the Christ Olson family a few days last week.
Nov 6, 1925       TCN / Thorpe news
Leo Gauer has installed a radio.


1933 ARP
no correspondent news of ELL at least in early part of year
May 20, 1933 Willmar Daily Tribune
Tornado passed through Thursday evening ... (May 18, 1933)
May 24, 1933 Willmar Weekly Tribune / headline
Loss may reach $200,000 mark in this county.
The most serious damage in the southern part of the county was done at the farms occupied by Henry Riedel, Mrs John E Anderson and Mrs John Holmgren, and at the Lake Lillian Baptist Church. These places being within a few miles of each other.
The residence of Mrs John Holmgren is constructed of concrete blocks. The roof of this residence was sheared off as cleanly as tho a knife had been used for the job. ....
Church History
The Norwegian Lake Lillian Baptist Church was built in 1899, on the northeast corner of SE 1/4 of Section 9 in East Lake Lillian. The building was 26 x 40 feet with tower, and cost $1,200 including the lot.
(the complete article included 4 pictures of damage to the Riedel farm, the Holmgren farm and a picture of the Baptist church as it appeared before the tornado struck.)
May 25, 1933 BIU / Front Page
Cyclone and wind wrecks several farms. Totally wrecked First Baptist Church (ELL). Biggest part of damage was done NE of Lake Lillian. Barn and House badlly damaged at Holmgren Brothers. Last Thursday evening about 25 farm places were badly damaged. Some of them total. The farm property of Henry Riedel resident NE of BI suffered the most damage. His place being entirely destroyed. Also Anderson home and new barn ....
(article included many pictures of not good resolution on the microfilm. One of the pictures showed the Holmgren farm with roof gone from the house and barn wrecked. The roof wa replaced and a more modern barn on that place had been built sometime before 1952. My cousin Warren Gauer was living there in 1952 and 1953 when I was learning how to be a farm kid from him. During those summers my bedroom was upstairs in that house. I had no knowledge of the history of that house and place back then.)
May 26, 1933 ARP
The Lake Lillian Baptist Church was smashed flat. The steeple was thrown some distance from the remainder of the building but remained almost intact. The damage at the parsonage was confined to broken window panes. Splinters of glass from the windows on the south side of the residence were driven into the north wall of the house. Due to no insurance and the financial conditions it is uncertain when if at all the church will be rebuilt. There is said to be 100 sunday school students.
1964 "The First 100 Years" / p. 18 Section on Lake Lillian Baptist Church
Sponsored by the Lake Lillian Civic and Commerce by Clarence A. Lund. ..with credit especially to Mrs Muriel Madsen and Mrs Helen Linn ...
The tornado of 1933 completely destroyed the church. The Minnesota Baptist Conference gave the Lake Lillian congregation a church at Nevis, Minn. This was dismantled and incorporated in a new building at the Lake Lillian location. The Christmas program of 1933 was presented in the new church.
Aug 25, 1933 ARP / LL
Leo Gauers, Axel Lindens, Allie Anderstroms and Mrs Strand of St Cloud attended a family reunion in Iowa from thursday until friday.
Oct 12, 1933 ARP / LL
The monthly meeting of the Lake Lillian Baptist church will hold its meeting at the Leo Gauer home Oct 18. A hearty welcome awaits you.
Oct 27 1933 ARP / Front Page
Lake Lillian to have hemp factory is report.
The Northwest Hemp Corporation of St Paul is organizing a branch at Lake Lillian, and plans on erecting a hemp factory in that thriving town .... desires to have 2000 acres signed up and at the present time the farmers are signing up rapidly ...
Nov 2, 1933 ARP / LL
The work at the Baptist Church is progressing slowly, but gets to look better every day.
Their was a large attendance at the aid society meeting at the Leo Gauer home Wednesday.
Dec 8, 1933 ARP /LL
The Lake Lillian Baptist Church will be used Dec 10. The building is not finished, there being a lack of funds but it can be used. The gospel team from Storden will be present to help make the first meeting a cheerful one. Come.


Jan 26, 1934 ARP
The Social and Candy Sale at the Lake Lillian Baptist Chuurch was a great success. A good program was enjoyed. Miss Myrtle Nordin gave a splendid talk.
Feb 16, 1934 ARP
Rev and Mrs B Jacobson entertained wednesday evening of last week at a wood sawing party when everthing was arranged to remind the guests of hard labor in the fall. Leo Gauer, Roy Depew and Wm. Mittlestad assisted in cuting the wood and now enjoyed the party in honor of the labor.
Mar 19, 1934 ARP
Roy Depew, Leo Gauer, and Wm. Mittelstad assisted the Kyseth family in moving on Thursday. They are now located on the Jesse Summerlett place.
Mar 23, 1934 ( too late for last week.) ARP
Warren, the eldest son of Mr and Mrs Leo Gauer, broke his arm Friday while playing on a corn stack. He fell off landing on his arm. He was taken to atwater for treatment.
Mrs Allie Anderstrom spent the day at John Lang's.


July 1949 Lake Lillian Crier
Young people of Lake Lillian Baptist Church are sponsoring an all musical program July 17
   Male Quartet:  Roger & Ivan Anderstrom  David Westlund and Lowell Gauer
   Piano solo  Arlene Johnson
   Accordion Solo  Lowell Gauer
(Lowell &; Arlene married 17 June 1950)
Friday Sept. 9, 1949 LLC
 Mr. &; Mrs. Otto Gauer moved into their new basement house on Swede Hill on Friday (would be Friday Sept. 2nd)


July 9 1959 LLC
Mrs Carl Hanson of Brownsville OR, Mrs FF Walrod, Carl and Sharon of Eugene arrived Monday to spend a week at the Frida Erickson home and with other relatives.
July 16 1959 LLC
Monday dinner guests at the Caesar Linn home were Mrs Karl Hanson, Mrs Fen Walrod and children and Mrs Frida Erickson.

Mrs Esther Melin, Mrs Freda Erickson, Mrs Karl Hanson, Mrs FF Walrod, Mrs Caesar Linn and Joanne visited at the Lambert Strand home on Wednesday P.M. in Willmar.

Mrs Karl Hanson, Mrs Frida Erickson, Mrs Marvin Coil,Mrs Caesar Linn and Joanne were dinner guests at the Esther Melin home on Wednesday.

Mr and Mrs August Carlson, Mr and Mrs George Vick, Mrs Hattie Trygestad visited with Mrs Karl Hanson at the Frida Erickson home Thursday afternoon.

Mr and Mrs Elder Erickson, Mr and Mrs Caesar Linn and Joanne, Mr and Mrs Lyle Strand, Margaret and David, Rr and Mrs LuVerne Erickson and Vernelle, Rr and Mrs Otto Gauer and boys, Mr and Mrs Andrew Fredrickson of Hector, Mr and Mrs Alton Wicklund and children, Mr and Mrs Glenn Linn, Pauline and Gwenny of Blomkest, Mr and Mrs Stanley Erickson,, Mr and Mrs Thurman Sagness, Jayme and Michael, E J Strom, Mr and Mrs Haaken Hanson and Donald of South St Paul, Mr and Mrs Lambert Strand of Willmar gathered at the Mrs Frida Erickson home on Thursday evening in honor of Mrs Fenimore Walrod, Karl and Sharon of Eugene Oregon and Mrs Karl Hanson of brownsville Oregon, who are visiting here.

Mrs Elder Erickson, Eva Jean, Mr and Mrs Roger Erickson and children, Mrs Marvin Coil, visited with Mrs Karl Hanson and Mrs F F Walrod at the Frida Erickson home on Friday.

Friday supper guests at the Otto Gauer home were Mrs Fen Walrod, Sharon and Carl of Eugene Oregon and Mrs Carl Hanson of Brownsville Oregon. Mr and Mrs Stanley Erickson and Mrs Caesar Linn and Joanne were Friday evening visitors at the Otto Gauer home.

More will be added as time permits.

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