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Matt and Lena Gauer

Mathias Gauer was b. 23 Feb 1864 in Dubuque IA and d. 4 Sep 1923 in East Lake Lillian MN
Magdalena Finger as b. 24 Jul 1869 in Kankakee IL and d. 4 Dec 1923 in East Lake Lillian MN

Matt & Lena Married 1893--- Mathias Gauer 1864-1923 --- Magdalena Finger 1869-1923

Matt Gauer, age 29, and Lena Finger, age 23, were married in Grundy County Iowa on 21 Mar 1893. The Finger farm was 6 miles east of Ackley, IA. They started a family and farmed near Ackley.

East Lake Lillian Township, Kandiyohi County, MN

In 1900 they moved to East Lake Lillian township, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota

Matt Gauer Family 1904

Matt Gauer Family 1921 This family photo may have been after Lena's stroke in November 1920.

They attended the nearest church, known in those days as the Norwegian Baptist Church in Lake Lillian. It was located 3 miles east of Lake Lillian and 1.3 miles north of hwy 7. The (first) church was there from 1898 to 1933. Matt and Lena are buried there as well as some of my cousins, many of the Anderstroms and many neighbors.

East Lake Lilian Baptist

The above church was destroyed by a Tornado in May 1933 and replaced by Dec 1933 with the following structure.

East Lake Lilian Baptist

East Lake Lilian Baptist site

My dad and his siblings attended school at the Riverside School, district 89, on the south side of section 23. It was located 1 mile south of hwy #7 and 4.5 miles east of Lake Lillian. There is no trace of it now as the Crow River ditch was widened through there some years ago. The school is as it looked in 1915.

District 89 Riverside School

Matt Gauer had land along todays MN Hwy #7 on section 15 and 23.

The farm house is on section 15, East Lake Lillian.
Eleanor and Clarence on sled made by Clarence. ~ 1917 Eleanor & Clarence on sled

East Lake Lilllian 1915

Eleanor and Otto walked to school District 89 in ~1917. Otto & Eleanor

Lena with 3 grandchildren

Grandma Lena had a stroke in November 1920 and needed a wheel chair for her last 3 years.

Clarence, Leo, Glen, Otto. photo most likely from 1924 after their parents died in 1923. Clarence, Leo, Glenn & Otto Gauer

Last group photo of the Gauer 8 in December 1966.
BR Glen, Otto, Clarence, Leo.
FR Lilllian. Elizabeth, Rose, Eleanor.

1966 As above with spouses.

Rose's husband Axel Linden died in 1942, Clarence's wife LaVaughn did not make the trip from Montana. Glen's wife Esther not present.

Lillian and Allie Anderstrom, Jeanette and Otto, Elizabeth and Roy Watson (in wheel chair), Glen, Clarence, Leo and Ellen, Rudy and Eleanor Strand.

I (Gary) lived in the farm house with my parents in 1941. Gary on the porch

The farm was visited in 2002 by cousins: Gary, Warren and Evelyn, Verlene, Bob, Ruby, Lowell, Nona, Dorothy.