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See also new pages of Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Lillian, and Aunt Eleanor as copied from the Gauer Family History Book that was issued in 1985 by cousins Ruby and Lois.

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My first attempt at posting these Gauer Familly History pages was in 2002.

The Lake Lillian News

The Lake Lillian News is a monthly news letter that started in July 1992. I have contributed some Lake Lillian History articles to it. My articles are a combination of things elsewhere on these pages and new recollections.

April 2012
1. Lake Lillian History Intro
May 2012
2. The railroad came
June 2012
3. from old thorpe to Lake Lillian
August 2012
4. Schools
October 2012
5. The not so Good Old Days
December 2012
6. Old Local News
June and July 2013
7. Churches
November 2013
8.Tromso connection
August 2015
9. 1862 - 1864
October 2022
10. A Gala Day in Lake Lilllian

The Reunion needs You

April 11, 2011

The Gauer Family Reunion of the family of Matt and Lena is scheduled for August 14, 2011. This will be the 81st annual since 1930 and it is 100 years since the original family was complete with the birth of Aunt Eleanor. That generation of 8 aunts and uncles is gone and 14 of the next generation (mine) of 42 cousins have also passed from this life. Many of the cousins now have large family reunions of their own.

Grace and I have enjoyed preserving the family history and hosting the gatherings for a dozen years. We know that our efforts have been appreciated.

We also know that good attendance and program participation is needed to enhance the experience for all. The lives of our younger families are very busy and we have seen a declining number attending our reunion in recent years. Sadly, the interest in family history is low in priority for many of our younger people and often awakens when it is too late to ask the elders. Last year our attendance was the least on record at 25. Several of the older cousins were not able to come because of temporary health issues. I believe numbers are important and that attendance of more than 40 people makes a better reunion.

Grace and I are still willing and able to continue supporting a successful reunion effort. Without a good attendance this could be the last annual reunion that we will schedule.

2010 We have reached the fund goal ($500) and purchased the new marker for Fred. link to...

Project Marker for Uncle Fred

Reunion Sites

Our Personal Histories

Family Stories are welcome

Your stories and recollections will be important family history for future generations.  As time passes, family memories become more difficult to recollect and preserve.  Write your history now to include dates, places, events and most important – identify people on photographsWe have equipment to copy and enhance old photos. 

Reunion Participation: Descendants of Mathias and Magdalena Gauer have gathered yearly since 1930 or earlier. Sharing of photos, stories, and musical numbers are always welcome at the reunions.